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Icmer header.png

Icmer in his normal appearence.
Born January 1st, 1988, 8:18 PM (local time)
Ross Island, United States of Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Icmer In Nyc, Ice
Occupation CEO of Pancakes Incorporated, President of Southern Ocean City, South Pole Council delegate, scientist
Home town Isolated colony within Ross Island
Height 120 cm
Weight 14kg
Known for 2nd richest CEO in the country, notable politician
This article is about the character Icmer. For info about the user, see this. Sorry for any confusion.

Icmer, or Icmer In Nyc is an Adelie penguin living on Club Penguin Isle. He is the CEO of the large computer corporation Pancakes Incorporated, which also includes the popular Snowtendo brand. After Southern Ocean City was in need of a delegate to represent them, he quickly snapped up the space out of plain curiosity. Icmer participated in The Great Darktonian Pie War and betrayed his country (even though he represents Southern Ocean City in the South Pole Council).


Early life[edit]

Icmer In Nyc was born in Ross Island. The color of his feathers was dark blue. His family quickly moved to Club Penguin Island to seek a better future. And that so came to be. Icmer was admitted to the Penguin Academy at a very young age and was excelling quite quickly. A few days later he gained some friends that are now rwell-known and recognizable figures in the country. He was especially good at programming, and his rapid success admitted him to skip a few grades. He was doing quite well in the higher grades so he was granted a full scholarship and sent to the Penguin State University (now called the Penguin University) at 18.

There he studied architecture, programming, government and also fine arts. When he was still in school he was the first to reach all the way to the summit of Vinson Massif by a dare from his classmates. The trip took 3 weeks. Folks were shocked. They had given him up for dead! His false charm (yup, he's a trickster!) gained him even more friends.

After Icmer graduated, he was in need of a job. The Club which was aiding Club Penguin Island at the time employed him since jobs in computer sciences weren't in great demand at the time. Icmer was given the occupation of library bookkeeper in the Coffee Shop. His pay was a mere 8 pebbles a day, but it was enough for him to quit his old job and look for better opportunities elsewhere.

Pancakes Incorporated[edit]

A sign on a storefront window told him that a struggling car company called Pancakes Incorporated was looking for a merger with another company to increase profits. Icmer then flew to Pancakes and told them that if they let him take over the business, he would give them all his savings and insurance money. His sacrifice paid off, because he became CEO and turned around the business to instead manufacture computer software and hardware. The company was hugely successful and spawned several divisions, such as video game maker Snowtendo and SUPA-COOL Gadgets and Weapons. Pancakes' success has made him the richest CEO in the country after Bill Gate$.

Role in The Great Darktonian Pie War[edit]

Icmer did not physically fight in the war, but he did supply Darktan's Army with weapons from the SUPA-COOL Gadgets and Weapons brand of his company. The weapons didn't influence the outcome of the war that much because the deal was struck to late for any impact. Later, he admitted that personally he did not want to take part in the war and that he only did it "for the money". Profits afterward dropped as consumers disagreed with his actions.

Delegate of Southern Ocean City[edit]

When the USA officially recognized Southern Ocean City as a state, it was in need of a representative in the South Pole Council and a mayor. Icmer subsequently took the vacant seat "out of plain curiosity". Because Icmer is so busy, most of the time he isn't on the job. However, the city is quite OK on its own and usually is fine without Icmer's presence.

Expedition 3FR00TS[edit]

Icmer was the passerby who happened to stumble upon the map leading to the Three Fruits of Happiness. As a result, he also wanted to join the newly approved expedition from the discovery.

Icmer (Presidential, CEO and BOBMASTER Statistics)
Member of the BOB; BOBMASTER, Mayor/President of Southern Ocean City, CEO of Pancakes Incorporated
Reign 2009-Present
Coronation May 31, 2009
Full name

Icmer In Nyc

Born January 1st, 1988, 8:18 PM (local time)
Died None yet.
Place of death None yet.
Buried None yet.
Predecessor None, really.
Consort None
Offspring None
Royal House None
Dynasty None (SOC isn't a monarchy)
Royal motto Tell the person interrogating me to please excuse him/her from the room. Forever.


Icmer is the CEO of the acquired software and hardware corporation of Pancakes Incorporated. He is a tech genius (even though he's no Dorkugese Penguin). Nonsensically, he claims that he's terrible at math but still knows how to program! Because of this, Fred hates Icmer. Icmer spends his spare time researching at the Penguin University. Under a dare, he became the first penguin to have reached the peak summit of Vinson Massif. Somehow he, always coincidentally, has his portable fax machine destroyed at random times. It has happened so much that it is now a Running Gag.

Fax Machine Destruction Tracker[edit]

Icmer had his fax machine destroyed approximately 237 times already!


There's much more information that cannot be explained here due to an organ overload that you'll have to find out later on.


Icmer usually is seen wearing a business suit and a super-cool wristwatch. He wears a black fedora and occasionally wears his BOB crown.


  • Hey look! There's a fax machine up on top of the roof!

SPLAT!! Shouldn't have said that.

  • Mmmm-k. I'm not going to touch the fax machine because I'll know it'll explode.

KABOOM! Not again...

Picks up Mabel Mabel: YOU Ӷ∏ணஇண⃔⎲⑫☸✍12$%&!!!!

    • Why are you here?


    • Oh no...



  • Fred despises Icmer.
  • Icmer claims he's terrible at math, even though he programs.
  • The Time Agency urges Icmer to not mess with the workings of time and space, but he changes minute things anyway.
  • Most of the 3FR00TS expeditionaries' goals are to find the Three Fruits of Happiness and uncover the reason behind their properties, but Icmer simply wants to take a bite (nom).

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