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This article is about a character, Idoreconise. If you meant the user, please go here. Sorry for any confusion.

Yes, that's him.
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Health Perfect
Level 75
Status Proudly representing the state.
Location New North Etana

Idoreconise is the current ruler of New North Etana. He was chosen, because of big political ambitions. When the solution for the Etana Conflict was found, he moved, together with the other rebels to the islands called the New North Etana State nowadays. Idoreconise is the Secretary General and Representative of NNE in NATO.


He was born in Grenanda (located on Doble Islands), and spent there most life. He became an explorer, and discovered some things, that are obvious today, like the Whirlpool Bay. Then he started travelling. He visited all States, and all Free Republics in the USA. Most penguins notice him as a boring politician. In fact, he isn't so boring. His jokes sometimes make even Mabel laugh (only at a one joke). He has a very big knowledge, which he used on his campaign. He wanted to throw Billybob away, and become "The President of The United States", but even his puffles said it's crazy. Anyway, he realised, he won't do that. He become the Governor of New North Etana by getting a recommendation from The Leader, who approved his candidature. He is the first governor of this state.

He as a ruler[edit]

As the first ruler, he had the most difficult tasks. He had to organise everything in the new created state. Since New West City was established as the capital of New North Etana, Idoreconise lives there. Most of the people approve him as their leader, as he is doing very well with his tasks. At the South Pole Council, he is known for his good jokes, and the nice sense of humour.

He in conflicts[edit]

He is against Socialism, and it turned him against The Leader. He got very serious, and didn't smile anymore. He is currently focused on war with United Penguin's Republic. All New North Etana soldiers are fighting against Socialism. He said:

Changes in UPR may result in covering other Free Republics in this Socialism thing. I find my duty in stopping this.


  • He is rumoured to be a Time Penguin. This is quite possible. But until he will announce it to the public, we cannot tell anything.
  • He was rumoured to have a clone, who rules The State of Idoreconise, and that is confirmed it is true. But he has total control under the clone, so (maybe) nothing bad may happen.
  • He sometimes disappears for a few hours. Is this the time which he spends on working for the Time Agency?