Impeachment of Mariothemovie

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The Impeachment of Mariothemovie
Penguins Trying to Impeach Mariothemovie
Background information
Participants The Whole USA
Date 12/19/08 to 12/21/08
Location Club Penguin

Impeachment of Mariothemovie (or Pearface) was an event that put Billybob into power as the president of the United States of Antarctica.

The event[edit]

It was late 2008, and in just a few days it would be Christmas. But sadly, the citizens of Antarctica wern't happy. Their leader Pearface was doing nothing to help them. He would simply sit and watch episodes of Ford Car and Link and eat Poritos. Many thought that the USA needed a new leader, but everyone was too scared to try. Everyone except a brave penguin from the north in the Happyface State. This penguin was none other than Happyface himself, and this penguin was tired of Pearface's horrible leadership. This story begins now.

"Phew," said a father penguin arriving home from work. "What a day."

"Did Pearface have you stay late again?" Asked his wife.

"Worse, he made me correct 20,000 spelling errors. THAT'S OVER NINETHOUSAND!"

His wife gave him a kiss on the cheek and gave him a cup of coffee.

"The chicks have missed you honey," she said. "You're being overworked by one to many hours. I think I'm gonna send a complaint to our dear president and tell him...

"NO NO! Don't do honey. I've worked forever to get this job. I won't be able to buy all this cool stuff for me, I MEAN US!"

The wife rolled his eyes and told him that maybe he should go to bed now.

"Come on, you'll have that day off he's been promising you tommorrow I'm sure of it," she said.

"It's not easy being the president secretary dear," he replied. "Spelling errors are abundant in the president's announcement papers and someone here has gotta fix them. And that someone is me."

With the the two penguins went to bed while a The End logo apeared in fron't of them.

"This is a prime example of overworking in this town," said Happyface as he turned off the giant television.

The other penguins in the crowd nodded their heads in agreement.

"Dear friends, it makes me very sad to see you all suffering when your leader does nothing. Who are the ones that make the buildings in this country?"

"US!" The crowd cheered.

"Who are the ones who are constantly critizied by Pearface of your works of pwnage?"


The speach seemed to be a success until a little penguin walked up from the crowd. It was Penguin Micro who didn't even live in the USA and had just came to the speach as a chance to get away from the Jerks.

"B-but, w-what are w-we g-gonna do ab-bout it? P-P-Pearface is stronger than u-us."

Everyone then started to doubt.

"The little guy has got a point there," said G.

"He could have us all arrested right now," claimed Flystar.

Everyone started saying reasons about how this would never work until Happyface slammed the podium. Everyone went silent and turned to face the brave penguin.

"He's a webmaster, so what. It's simply a rank just to make him look more powerful. I bet someday that rank isn't even gonna be here anymore."

The crowd stared as Happyface bravely continued talking.

"We're all powerful. Not just the ones with High Ranks, but even the normal members. If we join together we can make this country a better place, and we can do it before Christmas. So all I ask is who's with me?"

Everyone raised their flippers, or whatever they had, and some even jumped up and down.


Everyone cheered and raised their flippers.

"I'm with Happyface!" Yelled Ford Car.

"We are powerful!" Claimed Explorer.

The cheering got louder as the penguin went to their homes to begin making picket signs. The Impeachment of Mariothemovie had begun.

"Very funny episode," said Pearface. "Though I'm sure therre's someway I can make it look horrible."

Just then a very frightened guard crashed through the door holding a letter.

"Y-your m-magesty," he said stuttering.

Pearface turned off the TV and walked over to the guard.

"This had better be good. I'm a bit busy watching cartoons."

Not being able to say anything else the guard just handed him the letter and fainted. Not even bothering to help the penguin, Pearface just walked over to his couch and turned on the TV not even bothering to read the letter.

"Whatever's in that envelope can wait. WHAT?!? is about to come on and I don't want to miss any of it."

Several penguins were busy making picket signs that said stuff like "DOWN WITH PEARFACE, UP WITH A NEW LEADER" and "WE'RE PROTESTING". Happyface was surveying the working and it all seemed to be going fairly well. Then he realised one thing.

"We don't know who's gonna be the new president!"

Everybody gasped as they realised they hadn't thought about that yet. Some penguins instantly started to volunteer, but none seemed right for the job.

"I VOLUNTEER!" Yelled Penguin Micro.

"ME ME!" Yelled Clyde.

"I think I would be a suitable leader," said Mabel.

Happyface didn't think any of these penguins were suitable leaders, but then a dark blue penguin approached.

"Hey," he said. "Perhaps I can be of assistance."

They all looked at him and realised he was none other the author for the Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature Billybob.

"Guys," said Happyface. "I think we just found our new president. Who thinks Billybob would be a good president."

Everyone jumped up and down and raised their flippers (except Mabel).

"So then it's decided," said Happyface. "Our new president will be Billybob."

Everybody cheered and then got back to work.

"Yawn, what a peaceful..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Pearface looked to see his house covered in pie. He looked furiously out the window as he saw numerous footprints around his castle.


"I-I think it m-might have had s-someth-thing to do with th-the letter sir."

Picking up the letter that had been sitting on his counter for almost a week now, he sat down to read it.

Hello there Mariothemovie.

We have come to say that we're all tired of you for not doing a thing to help this country. Instead you sit around all day like a RocketSnail not attached to it's rocket. We the citizens of Antarctica give you 5 days to either promise to help benefit this country and do your responsibilities as leader, or we will be forced to take action.


P.S. Mabel hates you.

"GRRRRRRRR, How dare they do this! I want to have them all arrested for this...


Pearface looked out the window to see a bunch of angry Penguins, Puffles, RocketSnails, Emoticons, and Jackos marching towards his house. They held up picket signs and surrounded his house. The penguin leading the was none other than Happyface.

"What is it you want Happyface?" Asked Mariothemovie.

The penguins held up their signs, and some even tried to climb up the wall.


Pearface simply laughed at their threat.

"You honestly believe that I'll be threatened by that stupid phrase."

Pearface continued to laugh, but Happyface looked sternly at him. His eyes grew red and his picket sign started to crack. Fortunatley Fred calmed him down before he revealed his secret. Happyface was still mad though.

"Don't make us do this Mariothemovie. Or else you'll be sorry."

Pearface was shocked that someone called him by his other name and then he went from laughing to becoming furious.

"Oh no Happyface. You'll be sorry. The police are on their way here right now."

Just then some police sleds arrived holding numerous flipper cuffs.

"We're sorry for the disturbance Pearface. We'll be moving these guys off to Owcatraz right away."

The police soon started cuffing the group, but it was very difficult as they continued to hold up their signs. Just then they let out a very loud scream.


These words frightened Pearface, and he quickly rushed to his room and came back with the paper that made him webmaster. He then held it up out of the window and tore it appart.

"I surrender then. I admit it, you've beaten me. But I will never admit your works are amazing."

The police un-cuffed everyone while several walked out with a flipper-cuffed Pearface.

"Pearface we are the police. You have the right to remain silent."

Getting on their police sleds, they drove off to take the old leader to court. Everyone cheered as the sleds drove off and they tossed their signs around.

"Hey let's go eat some waffles," said Ford Car."

"Sounds good to me," replied Happyface. "Afterwards though. We've got a coronation to have."

The group walked back to the Happyface State, happy that they were once again free.


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