Imperial Forces

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Imperial Legion
Name Imperial Legion
Type army
Location USA, Zenthexia
Head Imperial Emperor
Members Imperial Emperor
Imperial Warlords
Imperial Knights
Headquarters Zenthexia.png Imperial Base, Zenthexia

The Imperial Legion, also known as the Imperial Forces or Raleigh's Legion is an organization and army lead by the Imperial Emperor. It includes all territory and creatures lead by the Imperial Emperor. The headquarters is wherever the Emperor is, currently Zenthexia.

As we can see, he likes putting "imperial" in front of a lot of things.


When The Imperial Emperor was in his late adolecence, he had enough of his parent's rules and strictness and decided that he wanted people to suffer like him. He stole his father's identity and used it to steal all the money his parents had, and got them in trouble, causing them to go to jail. He used the money to try to get the members of his army.

After having a few rebels on his side, he used his money to learn about genetic engineering. He realized that if he combined the power of the Elemental Amulets to help him, he would be able to create an element based organism. However, he couldn't obtain one, since they already had masters. Instead, he constructed a device that would be able to absord the energy given off by the Elemental Amulets miles away . He managed to get Darkness, Light, and Fire, but for the rest he had to work for it.

When creating Xel'Naga, Imperial Emperor realized that the Darkness amulet gave off far more energy than the rest. Thinking that it must be the most powerful, he envied Darktan (who was the holder of the amulet of the time) and tried to get it. He fought against Darktan's Army, but lost.


The Imperial Forces are still trying to have their little plan of world domination and is trying to opress everyone. Imperial Emperor has quit trying to obtain the Darkness Amulet, and is now trying to get the Aether Amulet...


The Imperial Legion's official government is just Raleigh's strict laws and policies.

Raleigh is the Emperor of the legion, making him the unquestionable leader. However, Raleigh has seven Imperial Warlords, which serve as his advisors.


To date, the only territory officially conquered (and thus, owned) by the Imperial Legion is the island country of Zenthexia. The island was taken Imperial Forces in 2009, and has since been the home territory of the organization. Also since 2009, the former Turtlian government has been in exile at Turtle Atoll.

In addition, there are constant skirmishes between the Legion and the USA over small areas of land. Usually after a group of Troopers and Imperial Knights claim ownership of a piece of land, the USA government sends a force three times the size to take the land back.


There are many soldier classes and ranks in the Imperial Forces.

Imperial Emperor: Raleigh
Imperial Warlords: Aelios, Yatagara, Tidus, Xel'Naga, Phalanx, Glock, Zentu
Elite Troopers: Imperial Elites, Imperial Inquisitors
Specialist Troopers: Imperial Knights, Imperial Agents, Imperial Paratroopers
Troopers: Imperial Troopers, Imperial Brutes, Imperial Legionaires, Imperial Phalanx
Lesser Troopers: Imperial Servants, Imperial Grunts, Imperial Fighters, Imperial Hunters, Imperial Guerrilla, Imperial Warriors
Allies: Imperial Latrunculus
Occupied Territories: Zenthexia