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Start May 15, 1997
End December 24, 1997
Prerequisites Rogue Tvarkov is born.
Level Highly classified.
Location Russia and Rusca.
Rewards An imprinted child, and a heartbroken imprinter.
That Night

Imprints is a story that explains why Vladimir Bregovsky is so attached to his cousin, Rogue Tvarkov.


Cabin in a secured and hidden area in Moscow, Russia. 19:34

The family members of Rogue Tvarkov came from Rusca to Russia to see the child. Vladimir Bregovsky came in in his usual black outfit. While the other family members were in the other room, Vladimir was pacing the hallway that separates him from the child. Then, the others walked out. Him, Aunt Olga, Uncle Finn, Uncle Andrei and Aunt Victoria went in. When they went in, Irina was cradling Rogue in her arms before the fireplace. The second Rogue and Vladimir's eyes linked, the world stopped for Vladimir. He couldn't feel the Earth on him anymore. His was on his knees already as his surprised cousins tried to get him to snap out of it.

"Vlad? Vladimir! Vladimir what happened to you! Snap out of it!" Victoria cried and shook him. Everyone tried yelling at him and Irina was alerted about the spectacle. His eyes were trained to the child's as he suddenly began to imprint.

He felt warm. For the first time for a long time, warm. He could see himself with the girl in a dance, doing anything to protect her. He could see her when she is five, but without him. He grumbled slightly and thought.

"That will not happen." he muttered darkly and continued. He could see her with black hair and red eyes, then with red hair and green eyes, then hazel hair with blue eyes. He gasped.

"The... the Tvarkov serum!" he cried out loud.

The sequence of events were shown to him and he could see her when she was ten, she was called in by a man to join the EPF. He grinned.

"So she joins the EPF, eh?" he thought to himself. The scenery changed and he could see her joining the NRR. Then it showed how she was finally reunited with the family, and all the other events until she married and had twins. He smiled as he saw that he was there ever since they found her again...

"Wait what?" he said when he realized she would go missing.

He comes back to reality and everyone was staring at him.

"What... what happened?" he asked wearily. His eyes were still on the girl and he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"You, young lad." Finn said and points to Rogue then at him "Just imprinted on the child."

Realization dawned him quick.

"No wonder... oh hey didn't you know she's a full Tvarkov serum?" he blurted. Everyone looked at him wide-eyed then at the child.

"Goodness... we haven't had one since Anastasia Tvarkov..." Andrei said.

Library, Tvarkov Base, Muscovgrad, Rusca. 10-17-97, 21:16

It was the Ber months. It was snowing hard as Vladimir and Rogue were in the Library reading a fairy tale. Rogue obviously couldn't sleep and waddle-stumbled into Vladimir's quarters asking him to read to her her favorite story: Vasilisa the Pretty.

"And they lived happily ever after... the end." he finished and closed the book. Rogue was already asleep on his stomach and he smiled. He suddenly yawned and fixed himself in the chair. Somehow, Rogue woke up just in time to say one thing.

"Good night Vladimir." was all she could say before she lost herself to the sea of sleep she needed again.

Muscovgrad Hospital, Rusca. 12-25-97, 09:25

Vladimir woke up from unconsciousness.

"What? Where am I?" he said and attempted to stand up. But the pain in his side avoids him to do so.

"Woah! Easy there, tiger. You're in the hospital, don't worry." Victoria said to him. Irina and Ivan were asleep leaning against each other.

"What? What happened? Where's Rogue? I demand an explanation!" he cried.

I'm sorry, Rogue and her sister went... MIA after a fire broke out back in Moscow... I'm... I'm so sorry." Victoria sadly said. She took out a small black box from behind her back. "We sifted through both of their rooms, we found this. I think she wanted to give it to you."

Vladimir looked at the box and slowly opened it, a silver locket was inside it and he opened it. Both him and Rogue were the two pictures. When he finally closed it, he noticed the letter V beautifully engraved in the front. A tear wets it as he held it to himself.

"What a Christmas..." he muttered darkly. From that day on, he vowed to himself not to forget about the redhead girl named Rogue Tvarkov. He will find her, but what he wouldn't ever forget was her eyes.

The End!!!