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Informer (real name Otto Günsche) was the head of communications in Darktan's Army and one of Darktan's personal assisstants. He is a Bean Human from a universe called "Das Bunkerversen". He is mostly known for provoking Darktan and others to anger by constantly informing them of irrelevant or unnessecary things. Despite being extremely annoying, he is mostly harmless.


Otto Günsche was created by the master of Das Bunkerversen (a very small universe, from the movie Downfall), Fegelein. His job was to inform his boss of what was going on and of where Fegelein was. His boss wanted to find Fegelein in order to control Das Bunkerversen and to stop his annoying antics. One day, while his boss was searching for Fegelein in the Russian part of the universe, his boss was trapped in Vasily Chuikov's wardrobe, a long with many others. Vasily Chuikov, being a hoarder, collected many things in his wardrobe. Eventually they found a telephone and used it to contact Otto. Günsche, in a brave but pointless attack, ran to the Russian bunker where he told the Russians to let his boss go. However, outnumbered, he was captured and thrown in the wardrobe. After fumbling about in it for a while, and putting up with many annoying people, he somehow managed to make his way into the CPFW universe (everyone knows when you are locked in a wardrobe, you're liable to end up in another universe, and generally one much colder). He ended up in the Darktonian Realm, where he joined Darktan's army and became head of communications.

The wardrobe incident:


He goes around telling things to Darktan, usually irrelevant. He gets Darktan very angry by doing this. Although he works for Darktan, it is unknown where his loyalties truly lie. He has helped out the Good Guys before by telling them information. Informer can never keep a secret, and thus is very distrusted. However most people think this is because he is a Bean Human with a low IQ. In some situations however he has proved to be a useful ally to Darktan.