Inland-Genesee Regional Airport

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Inland-Genessee Regional Airport
Key details
Name Inland-Genessee Regional Airport
Type of airport Regional airport
Hub for None
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Location Genesee Lake, Inland
Runway Runway 5/23 (8,000 ft.)
Runway Runway 9/27 (10,000 ft.)

Inland-Genesee Regional Airport is the main airport serving the city of Inland. The airport is located 3 miles outside of the city center near Genesee Lake. The airport has two terminals, and two runways, Runway 2/20 and Runway 4/22. The airport also only serves domestic, regional destinations,as well.


Terminal 1[edit]

Concourse A[edit]

Concourse B[edit]


The airport has two terminals, which are locally known as Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both terminals have 7 gates which total to 14, with five currently used. The airport has five holding lounges as well. Adjacent to Terminal 1 is the Transit Station, which operated regular bus service to the city center. The terminal also has jetways, and has two hangars as well. The terminal also houses a snack shop, and gift shop as well.

Passenger Terminal[edit]

The terminals have 14 gates, and six waiting lounges. The terminals have two concession stands, which offer food and a gift shop. The airport has a Pay-In Lounge, which is located adjacent to Gate 3 in Terminal 1. The terminals also offer taxi and limousine services as well. The terminal also offers a pick-off and drop-off area, as well as transit services to the city center.


The airport currently has two runways:

  • Runway 9/27
  • Runway 5/23

The main runway (Runway 9/27) is 10,000 feet long. The secondary runway (Runway 5/23) is 8,000 feet long. The two runways cross each other and so great care is taken to avoid runway incursions when taxiing and taking off.


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