Interland Highway System

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Interland Highway System
Map of the Interland Highway System.
Key details
Type Highway System
Location United Provinces
Inhabitants Drivers

The Interland Highway System is the official highway system of the United Provinces. It is one of Antarctica's largest and most advanced highway systems, with its clean and very well kept roads stretching all across the country. The headquarters of the Interland Highway system are in the capital of the country itself, Winsburg.


The Interland Highway System was founded in 1978 and was one of the most functional and safe roads in Antarctica at the time. The highway system rapidly expanded and by 1990 controlled most roads in Snowiny. The wars of the 90s heavily damaged the economy of the IHS leading to a declaration of bankruptcy in 1998; the Interland Highway shortly after the war economically advanced further than it could ever possibly achieve before the wars, with the reforms by the newly-elected democratic Snowinian government.

In 2007, an economic crash all around Antarctica also affected the Interland Highway System. The IHS had to borrow money from various other both Snowinian and foreign companies to keep itself alive. Economic recovery began in 2010 and in 2013 Snowiny, as well as the IHS, experienced a gigantic economic growth and the IHS and the country entered the era of the "Booming Tens". In 2015 the IHS once again earned its spot as the safest and cleanest roads in Antarctica.


  • The name is inspired after the Interstate Highway System in the United States of America.

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