International Music Festival

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International Music Festival
Status Active
Frequency Annually (start of August)
Inaugurated August 2004
Location(s) Moon Island (current)
Rock Union (previous)
Years active 2004–present
Attendence 100,000+
Organised by N/A
Sponsor N/A

The International Music Festival (IMF) is an annual musical festival that takes place in Moon Island. The top artists of Antarctica are hired to perform on various stages across the two-day festival. The festival occurs every year near the beginning of August and has been running since 2004.


The concept behind the music festival was first coined by Rock Union. After all of the expansions, the Council of Rock Masters realized that maybe the Union could bring joy to all musicians. So, in June 2004 they planned the first annual International Music Festival, which took place in August. By 2007, the Union was coined as "The Music Capital of Antarctica". The nation went through a series of changes to make the nation more music-neutral, rather than rock-dominated. This included changing the name "Council of Rock Masters" to "Council of Music Masters". However, the Union still retained it's original rock-influenced name and flag, for authenticity purposes.

After the Union was annexed in 2013, the IMF was picked up by Moon Island and has been holding the festival for the last three years.

Stages and line-ups[edit]

Main Stage[edit]

2016 Line-up
Friday Saturday

DJ Crow
Tim and Tom
Katy Spitz
Lucy Verghanta
The Young Shadows
Flurry Lyne
G Hood Crew
David Livingston

Greasy Spoon
Penguin Band
Smooth Frogg
Omar Grest
Smooth Frogg
Young Wade


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