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The International Syndicate is a major criminal organization. It had appeared in Sleeping Penguins and Sleeping Penguins II. Originally, the Syndicate is a Zhouese triad with membership for Zhouese only. The Syndicate used to be based in Liguria, Margate, Nexon, the United States of Antarctica and the United Provinces. However, following the Syndicate’s weakening as a result of the international community’s efforts (primarily spearheaded by the Mueller administration in Margate), it has restructured itself to be based on the Antarctic mainland instead.


In its new International form, the Syndicate’s leadership consists of a board of directors with no more than 20 directors. Every year, they elect a chairman either from among themselves or from Syndicate members who aren’t in the boards. The chairman is the elective boss of the Syndicate but if the board vote against his plans, he can't continue with the plans. As a result, the syndicate’s leadership is based on consensus rather than centralised on the chairman. Ex-chairmen are paid generous pensions in the form of a stake in some of the Syndicate’s legal companies. The chairman's tenure can be for life, provided that they win each election. Their predecessors are also expected to counsel them. Up until the Fall of Nexon, the leader of the Syndicate was Vince. However, following the Syndicate’s heavy losses in the war, the Board opted to remove him as the Chairman as he was acting to protect his own interests instead of the organisation’s.

In its former form as a Triad, the organization was led by a Dragon Head. He commanded 4 lieutenants who were given the title of “Red Pole”. The Dragon Head was chosen from the most powerful and respected gangster of the Triad. Each Red Pole commands a gang of 30-60 members. Non Zhouese could. be associates but they were not allowed to become full-time members.


The Syndicate owned lots of businesses both legal or illegal around Antarctica. They are involved in protection rackets, arms dealing and loan sharking. But their favorite are gambling and Judgies smuggling, manufacturing and dealing. For the serious mobsters, the Syndicate offered them "services" that ranged from beating up opponents, hijacking an opponent's car, framing an opponent for Doom Weed smuggling to the extremes like bankrupting an opponent and his company, destroying an entire criminal organization (like what happened to the Nutzilian Cartel in Sleeping Penguins II), and murdering the opponents. Recently, the Syndicate had expanded to smuggling, manufacturing and dealing Doom Weed.

For their legal businesses, the Syndicate owned nightclubs and Cream Soda breweries and pubs. The Syndicate had a monopoly at selling Cream Soda and casino resorts. Beside that, they also owned a private military company.


There are about 225,000 members in the Syndicate. When guarding a business, the members used Desert Eagle, shotguns and Uzis. Normally, each member kept a pistol in his pocket. In gang wars, the Syndicate members used military weapons such as FN SCAR, M16 with grenade launchers, AK74, RPGs and sniper rifles. They also used M60, M2 Browning and M249. Recently, they just bought 2,500 flamethrowers and 250 M134 Miniguns along with ammo.


Ligurian Resistance (by supplying them weapons and mercenaries, even tipping them off with plans of Snoss attacks. All to get a legal monopoly in Liguria after the war)

Flywish's Army (Done by donating weapons to the Ligurian Army 3 months before the Great Snowzerland War in 2013. Their donations worth millions of dollars of weapons and ammunitions become wasted when Snowzerland occupied Liguria and destroyed the weapons)

Liguria-Beside of supplying its army, the Syndicate gave money necessary for public construction projects, in exchange the Ligurian government allowed 4 directors of the Board to be in its parliament (the same.treatment enjoyed by the UPM & Papa Tremezzo.


Just about any Judgies Cartels, Nutzilian or not

Metro Dark Gang

Snowzerland-The Syndicate had a hatred for Snowzerland after they destroyed the Syndicate's weapons stash donated to Liguria in 2013. They sent mercenaries to help the Ligurian Resistance though the Snoss didn't know of the Syndicate's existence.

Zhou-The Syndicate's original Zhouese directors hated the Zhouese elite in the mainland for their corruption that improverished the peasants like themselves.

UPM-The Syndicate took over some of the UPM's territories.

  • United Provinces - The Syndicate's number one is without a doubt the United Provinces. The syndicate (and its former leader Vincenzo, whose previous country was blown off the map by the same country and its allies) was since the collapse of the High Empire of Nexon the sworn enemy of United Provinces. Even after the defeat of the NNM and Little Penland, on 4th of September, 2015, the president of the country bowed to destroy the syndicate. The Syndicate is active in Penland and several peacekeeping operations are sent once in a while.


  • The International Syndicate is rumoured to be operating in Polaris via a series of legitimate companies that act as the syndicate’s fronts for illicit activities.