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Title IrishProvo1916, Captain of the SS Athenry
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Freezeland
Health Healthy
Level 25
Location Maps Island

Governor IrishProvo1916.
The governor of Maps Island
Reign Since colonization.
Coronation 2004
Titles Duke of Isle Royale
Born 1994
Birthplace Club Penguin Island
Predecessor None.
Overthrown By some other penguins and split the country
Royal motto I like white chocolate.

IrishProvo1916 is the former leader of Maps Island, and white chocolate enthusiast. He was adopted by the Royal Family, but when he grew up, he wanted to explorer, not have the stuffy life as duke of Isle Royale. He was also the captain of Triskelle's ship, the SS Athenry.


He was born over a hundred years after King Triskelle and was adopted by the royal family. He lived in CP for most of his life but his brother Triskelle offered him a job as the captain of the SS Athenry. He accepted and he sails the ship anywhere Triskelle told him to. He discovered the Maps Island on his own free time in 2004, so he quit to colonise it. He became a ruler there. He is currently the governor of Maps Island, and trying to get it to become a Free Republic of the USA.