Iron Walrus

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Iron Walrus
Iron Walrus.
Title Iron Walrus
Gender Male
Race Walrus
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Level 10
Status PWNING someone.
Location Walrus Warehouse

Iron Walrus is a superhero, and rich business owner. He is the main founder of the superhero team known as The Defenders.


Iron Walrus, AKA Thomas Stank was the son of a genius walrus, known well in the Walrus Underground. Thomas Stank inherited the intelligence of his father, and soon built his first motorcycle at age 5. His father died of natural causes, and Thomas inherited the company his father owned. Thomas attended the top schools, and became one of the smartest Walrus in the world.

Thomas Stank made weapons for the Walrus Crime Ring, eventually one called Da PWNER. Da PWNER or DaP, was a missile that shot up into the air, and split into multiple missiles, spraying ditto throughout the land, and once it hit its target, deleted everything in one mile around the target. Also, those who survive the deletion get sprayed with fifty gallons of ditto A, B, C.

After he presented the weapon to Walrus1, he was escorted back to his plane, but the troops escorting him were deleted. Thomas took cover behind the vehicle and then found a Transportation Missile, which teleports the people hit, to a programmed destination. The missile said Stank Industrial Company the company Thomas owned.

Thomas woke up in a cave with penguins surrounding him. This was the Walrus Crime Ring's rival gang, the Mafia of Club Penguin or MCP. Thomas as forced to build a DaP for them, with the assistance of a puffle. He didn't want to build the missile, so he began to secretly build a suit made of iron. That suit would shoot miniature deletion missiles, let him fly, and better yet, have super-strength. Once the first suit(Joesph1) was completed, he broke out of the cave and deleted the deletion missiles the MCP stole, which created a massive deletion, whih deleted everything except for Thomas and the puffle. The puffle turned into a fireball and flew away.

Once back home, he experimented with powering things with ditto. He created a new suit, because Joesph1 was destroyed after he crash-landed ten miles south of the Walrus Warehouse. The suit was painted black and hot shot red. He then added something that would make the suit invincible to deletion.

He faced his first challenge as a superhero, when his trusted second in charge, Odie Scam found the remains of the fist suit, and tricked it out to be stronger, bigger, and more powerful. He planned to overthrow Thomas and become the new owner of Stank Industries.

As Odie Scam planned, Thomas made his suit stronger. He put on his utility belt a tricked out vacuum, which sucks in things and teleports them to the Deletion Portal. He also trained with martial artist, and equipped the suit with the best cards he could buy. He then became a superhero.

Odie's plan was done and attacked Thomas at his own home and depleted his ditto energy. Thomas had enough energy to drag himself to his Ditto Pool, where he recharged his systems. He then he searched for Odie. Odie was hiding in the basement of Stank Industrial Company's HQ. He then battled Thomas until both were worn out. They both delivered a punch at the same time, but Thomas used the last of his energy to divert all ditto energy to his flipper/fist and punched Odie Scam. Odie fell into the ditto pool which powered Stank Industries. He immediately froze.

Stank decided he would leave the Walrus Crime Ring, in order to go down the correct path and fight evil as the Iron Walrus.

Iron Walrus is the founder of The Defenders, in order to defend South Pole City from the robot army of the Walrus Crime Ring. He currently works for the government. After PabloDePablo dented his armor, the PSA made a rule: whoever touches him will be arrested.


Thomas is known to the public as Iron Walrus. He leads the Defenders into battle. He is also in charge of recruitment for his team.

While not fighting crime, Stank is the head of Stank Industrial Company. Formerly a large weapons distributor, they now sell light bulbs and lava lamps.


Iron Walrus has used different suits for different situations. Each suit has a self-contained environment, assorted on board weapons systems, enhanced strength, flight, and various communications arrays and sensors (such as radar and radio). All suits are also immune to ditto and deletion.

Also, Iron Walrus created a Video-Game armor, which was a normal suit, which movies and video games seen by the person in the suit.

Joesph Designs[edit]

The Joesph Designs are the "original". Their design is used for other suits.


Joesph1 was the first design of the Iron Walrus Armor. Made during his imprisonment, this armor only had a flame-thrower and a small jet-pack. The armor wasvery strong, yet it was bulky, and it was hard to move around in it. After Iron Walrus escaped, the Joesph1 fell apart.

The Joesph1 was modified for Odie Scam.


The Joesph2 was the second design of the Iron Walrus suit. Te Joesph2 had a mega-jetpack, and all the current weapons, excluding the mini-deletion missiles. As Thomas was still experimenting with the ditto, the suit easily froze.

The Joesph2 was modified by PWN Machine to put in more weapons and all the defense systems.


The Joesph3 is the current deign Iron Walrus wears. He usually fixes and modifies it, but it is still th same design. The Joesph3 is used for most of the special suits that Thoma designs.

The Joesph3 is very high-tech and has a colorful set of defense and weapon systems. The most notable is the deletion machine gun on the flipper, the anti-ditto-deleton defense systems, and the jet-pack.

The Joesph3 also features optional penguins feet, used when on ground or when the jet pack is damaged.

Special Designs[edit]

For different bad guys or dilemmas, Iron Walrus made a wide cabinet of suits.

Elemental Suit (Joesph3.5)[edit]

The most complex suit yet, this suit can adapt to any weather changes, and any dilemmas. FOR EXAMPLE: IF Iron Walrus s being attacked by a flame-head and a penguin who controls water, the suit can become water and fire-proof. The suit focuses on defense, for there is only three weapons. The defense system can produce a artificial force field which shields Iron Walrus from any attack for three minutes. It may only be used once in every battle.

This suit can go super-sonic.

One-Man-War Suit[edit]

When fighting multiple opponents, Iron Walrus wears a suit with an automatic defense and offense system. Iron Walrus literally has eyes on the back of his head. Inside the armor is a view of the front,back, and both sides. With these cameras, he is able to see all 360 degrees around him. Weapons are installed all around him.

The suit's main reason for success is the ditto bomb. To needles come out of Iron Walrus' armor, and he impales them onto the ground. Ditto is submitted into the ground, where it goes to the surface, and paralyzes the opponent. Another success is the bullet bomb. Iron Walrus curls into a bomb, and shoots up into the air,and begins shooting deletion bullets 360 degrees.

Stealth Armor[edit]

When on a G.E.T. P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N.S undercover mission, Iron Walrus dons a stealth suit. There is no defense or offense systems on it. The suit cannot be seen by anyone, nor picked up by a radar.


  • The ditto used to power Iron Walrus suit is a mix of all three dittos, plus a secret ingredient.
  • Iron Walrus is classified as being a Triple A Hero by the AFHT.
  • DON'T TOUCH HIM!! Seriously.

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