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Irvins Quincy "Stupidkid0" Zero
Born Irvins Quincy Zero
South Pole City
Nationality Kantan
Other names "IQ Zero", "Stupid"
Education Ongoing (grade six once again)
Occupation Student (well, he should be anyway),
Home town South Pole City
Height 2' 11''
Weight 100 lb. (very fat for a penguin)
Known for Messing with Veranda (and living to tell the tale)

Stupidkid0 (real name Irvins Quincy Zero, also nicknamed IQ Zero) is a loud, obnoxious, and unethical young Northern Kanta penguin that made the unfortunate mistake of ticking of Veranda by cutting in line and claiming (by lying to the cashier) that he reserved the final Snowtendo 3DS in stock. He prefers to be called Kid Zero, and he signs documents as such. The name "Stupidkid", which he came to be known by most everyone, was given to him by Veranda, after she couldn't stand him any longer. It stuck.

Zero is known amongst his classmates and others by his loud voice, incessant rambling, and the fact that he has abnormally large eyes. He rarely blinks, and gestures overdramatically when trying to make a point. Coupled with his tendency to use dishonesy to gain what he wants, it is needless to say that he is very unpopular at school and elsewhere. He eventually learned just what lying results in, however, when he managed to cross Veranda on that fateful day.

He is positively addicted to video games.


Stupidkid lived a rather uneventful chickhood. In fact, if it wasn't for the whole Veranda thing, he'd proabably never receive a passing mention in this big world.

Hatched in 1998 to passive parents, they really didn't care what he did or how he acted. His family had immigrated from the Kanta Islands about ten years before they had him. Partially in result of this no-dicipline chickhood, he became an obnoxious, demanding little brat that demands everything and expects it to be given to him.

The apathy of his home life drew him into the wonderful world of video gaming. He always plays some sort of console non-stop and is quite good at it. However, he tends to get tired of games before he even completes the story, so he whines and besg for more until he gets it, only to once again be dissatisfied with his new game. This endless cycle has kept Stupidkid's family on lower income levels for years.



In 2011, Stupidkid made the unfortunate mistake of showing up in the original GoodyMart on the same day that Veranda Grimom made an identical trip to purchase the newly released and hard-to-come-by Snowtendo 3DS. Each was bent on getting on for themselves.

Unlike most successful stores, GoodyMart maintained the Unoian tradition of a counter service: the shopkeeper fetched the item requested from behind him, instead of the customer getting it themselves. The line was slow: a one hour line is two hours in GoodyMart. Irvins and Veranda had to stand next to each other in line, Veranda one spot ahead. The experince was pretty much intolerable for her.

He took this oppurtunity to tale to Veranda... -and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk. This wouldn't have been so bad, but Stupidkid rambled on about how great he was at gaming and other such self-centered things, not to mention that he wouldn't let Veranda speak. This was stacked on top of his smart-aleck remarks about how "females can't play games" and mocking Veranda's name and ensemble. It's amazing that the poor Emoguin even tolerated this (the things Veranda does for games!). The rambling did not cease, even as the multiple hours' worth of standing in line disspated and finally led the two up to Buying Mushroom Boy.

Verabda was before Irvins. Buying Mushroom Boy greeted her and tried to hold some traditional social shopping small-talk, but Veranda interrupted and asked for the 3DS right then and there. The shopkeeper nodded and went back to find one, but he was out of stock, spare one. Holding it, he explained that it was the last one and was reserved for another penguin. If he didn't come and pick it up, it was hers. Veranda said she was willing to wait, and she went to a bench and sat down.

Irvins saw his chance and lied. Claiming that the 3DS was his, Buying Mushroom Boy handed it off to him. Irvins mocked Veranda and left with his new toy in hand.

Veranda swore revenge.

That stormy night, Irvins was haunted by Veranda, who subjected him to all sorts of psychological torture and creepiness. He ran from her, but he also played that thing until the batteries ran nearly dry. When he looked for the charger cable, he found that it was gone. He decided to use other chargers around the hosue, but every last one of them, without exception, were gone. The game was not to a save point, and time was running out.

More psychological torture ensued, and Veranda began to bring it all home. Irvins learned that she had taken all of his charger cables! Veranda said that she'd give them back if he gave her the console. She tried reason at first; the system was going to be re-stocked in about five days.

Stupidkid should have taken it. It was true; it was right. Looking back, he probably wished he did. Yet, his downright refusal to right his wrong resulted in Veranda issuing an ultimatum that ended up being her catchphrase:

Return to me my 3DS, or I'll plunge you into a Nightmare World from which there will be NO AWAKENING!

Poor, poor, Stupidkid: he decided not to. Veranda noted that she hoped he liked nightmares. She then called him "Stupidkid0" and threw the chargers out the window and into the now-raging blizzard.

It went on. Irvins departed his igloo and went to another, towering department store to get chargers. Veranda persued relentlessly, subjecting him to increasing psychological torture without even having to lay a flipper on him. The fiasco culminated as Veranda met Irvins when he stepped out of the elevator and entered, just staring. She was going to have to hurt him to get this item, she reasoned, so she approached the fool. Irvins knew what was coming, so he surrendered right as the elevator stopped on the electronics floor. Veranda took the 3DS and exited the elevator, leaving Irvins trembling in the corner. The nightmare world had cost him.

She had won.


Irvins, like any Northern Kanta Penguin, is very fluffy, with lots of thick, poofy feathers. His feathers can be compared to hair that was rubbed with static electricity until it stood up. (This is normal for the species.) Under all that fluffiness lies a lot of fat, as well. Irvins has rolls of fat on his face and body.

Unlike most penguins, though, Irvins has gigantic eyes; they are huge. He is also far too short for his age, and his shrill, warbling voice is almost as brutal as Tammyshroom herself.

He dresses in a brick red colored shirt. The chances are that it'll have a screenhog on it, because Stupidkid is weird like that. He is also one of those penguins that wears pants- despite the fact that penguins do not need them -which are a very dark red color. He has some straight, natural hair, cut very short and very flat. It's natural color is dirty blonde, and because he already has a lot of grooming that must be done because of all those feathers, Stupidkid leaves his hair unkempt and very messy.

He also smells bad and is messy. Apparently, this is because he doesn't bathe. That'd be all right if he preened his feathers, but he doesn't! Irvins preens his feahters about once every two weeks, though, but the smell grows.

Health issues[edit]

Zero had highly visible health issues from an early age, notably his huge eyes, but his parents didn't really care. (Fortunately for Zero, this wasn't a danger to his being, just unnatural.) Stupidkid is also fat: VERY FAT. The combination of getting to eat anything he wants (read: McDoodles twice a day) and his absolute lack of any and all excercise has resulted in him being too chubby for a penguin his size, age, and species. He is also far too short for his age, and his shrill, warbling voice is almost as brutal as Tammyshroom herself.

After the Veranda incident, he became easily frightened and very shaky. Loud noises startle him horribly, because he has come to associate loud noises (like thunder) with Veranda (because she tormented him on a stormy, blizzard-filled night). Loud noises will have him lift up his flippers and shout "I SURRENDER!".

Relations to other characters[edit]

Veranda isn't the only one who despsies Stupidkid. Iggins has ammased several enemies and Ignore List additions.

  • Veranda's torment of him is obvious of her stance.
    • She would have added him to her Ignore List, but it was already full of other creatures she couldn't stand. Like you.
  • Rocket Slug has to go to school with him, so it's obvious as to her opinion on him.
  • Agent Meltie slapped him after he wouldn't shut up.
  • Buying Mushroom Boy hadn't seen a customer that rude in years.
  • About three hundred different penguins have Irvins on their ignore list, including the likes of Rockhopper, TurtleShroom, Hipengy, and the Penguin Band.


  • Stupidkid/Irvins is a very tight parody of Invader Zim's Iggins character, from the show's Game Slave II episode. Iggins made the horrid mistake of messing with a character that is better left alone. In the show, Iggins' lie to aquire a game console that was supposed to be given to the episode's subject. The "nightmare world" that followed proved too much for Iggins, who gave the console to its rightful owner and pleaded for mercy. At the end of the episode, Iggins gets what was coming to him. He fell down an elevator shaft, but it was revealed that he was, suprisingly, unhurt, spare a few broken bones.

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