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UH NO! A prol-
Hello there
Born June 20, 1995 (1995-06-20) (age 24)
Residence Unknown
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Agent Isai
Ethnicity Castillan
Alma mater Beacon University
Years active 2005 - present
Employer None
Home town Club Penguin
Salary Unknown
Net worth $143,000 WB$ (2013)
Height 3' 1"
Known for Causing prols

Agent Isai (pronounced eye-say or eye-zay), is a former EPF Specialist. He was also an avid editor of the Club Penguin Weekee. His occasional sudden clumsiness and naivety, similar to that of Rookie, caused him to be disliked by many on the Weekee and in the EPF, and he is also known to have accidentally caused many incidents and mishaps in both.

Currently, his whereabouts and activities are unknown, although it is thought that he has become sinister, perhaps even Emo.



Most of Isai's records were erased, thought to be some of his last acts in the EPF. However, the BoF has been able to supply some information for this article. It is known that Isai hatched on Penguin Island in 1995. In the past he claimed to be the son of Tortugadesetas Jones, although that's very unlikely. At a very young age he displayed interests in computers and technology, building onto his knowledge throughout school and eventually hacking himself to enrollment in Beacon University.


After graduating from Beacon University in Network Administration and Computer Science, Isai tried to pursue his dream and work at Eureka or Micro Hard and Soft, but was rejected by both. He would later joined the Penguin Secret Agency after confusing it with the Puffles Safety Association.

After the PSA was dissolved, Agent Isai joined the Elite Penguin Force. Although he was skilled with technology, he wished to branch into a different field, so he became the protege of Dot the Disguise Gal. He would gain the nickname Isai the Disguise Boy while working with Dot, and he would also develop a crush on her. Dot caught onto this, since her last protege also had a crush on her, and tried letting Isai down easy and distancing herself by sending him on missions elsewhere, including Eastshield. While there, he would frequently edit the Club Penguin Weekee. While editing the Weekee, his clumsiness caused the first Weekee Crisis in years.

After Isai finally admitted his crush to Dot, she rejected him, causing him to become very emotional and leave the EPF shortly after.


After leaving the EPF, Isai disappeared, and has rarely been seen since.




  • "STUPID PIECE OF JUNK!" (After his Penguin OS machine exploded)
  • "UH NO! A prol-"
  • "Yes I am Tortuga's son"


  • "Dave33333 could potentially lead us to destruction"


  • Isai does NOT know how to climb or swim.
  • He overreacts to any situation.
  • Isai's clumsiness seemingly came out of nowhere after he met Dot.
  • He accidentally set his office on fire once.
  • At least 3 of Gary's inventions were accidentally destroyed by Isai knocking them over.
  • It is rumored that Isai is behind many of the things Kermit has had to save the Weekee from, to get back at the Weekee users that dislike him.

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