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Ish2's crown.png
Ish3 wearing his crown.
Title King Ish2, The Red
Gender Male
Race Crab
Faction He is king of Bar Crab City
Level 5,600
Status Fighting in the Barbearic Crab War
Location Barbearer Islands
Birth date August 5th, 1989
Occupation King, general
Interests Warfare, Music, Art
Friends Dare23, Alexander Clanin,
Enemies Emperor Coldless
Archetype Good guy

Ish2 is a crab that was born August 5th, 1989 at Yow Kingdom Island before Yow was established. He grew up as and orphan, his dad and mom "died" before he was born. He is general, and king of Bar Crab City. And is currently fighting in the Barbearic Crab War.



Ish2 grew up without a father and mother, and lived in as an orphan. He was very popular among his friends, but never got adopted. He grew up playing with friends at lakes and forests. His friends really liked to play war, and would sometimes go out exploring. When Nilo was inhabited by penguins, they moved to the Barbearer Islands. A country called Bar Crab City was established there, and that's where he now lived.

Teenage Years[edit]

When Ish2 was 14 the Barbearer Islands were inhabited by penguins and puffles. But the crabs stayed in Bar Crab City, not willing to leave. One day while Ish2 was at a coffee shop he met a blue crab named Mr.Blue. He was completely blue and wore a starfish on his face. Ish2 was told he would make a great soldier in the Bar Crab Army, and that he should try it. Ish2 agreed and at age 17 he joined the army, and moved quick up the ranks. In 2 years he became a 2nd in command.

Adult Years[edit]

Ish2 was 2nd in command of the entire army within 2 years of being in the army. He became very famous in Bar Crab City. Then in 2011, when he was 22, a war broke out. He fought a lot with Mr.Blue until they were caught by Emperor Coldless. Coldless planned to eat Mr.Blue, and just as Mr.Blue was about to die he told Ish2 that he was Ish2's father. Soon afterwards Ish2 became king of Bar Crab City, and won the war.


The Crab Wars[edit]

After the Barbearic Crab War Coldless started another war, one called Crab War 1. This affected almost all nations' views on crabs. He was king and general during the Crab Wars and dueled Coldless in the last war. He used his secret time machine to see the wars before they happened, and that's how he won ALL The Crab Wars.

Barbearic Crab War[edit]

Ish2 was involved in a lot during the Barbearic Crab War. He was 2nd in command, and later became the king of Bar Crab City. After the war ended he was given the Medal of Awesomeness, Medal of Honor, and the Medal of Bravery.

Breaking The Fourth Wall[edit]

Ish2 has kept this a secret, but he CAN break the Fourth Wall and enter it. He has seen the insane world beyond it, and keeps it all a secret. He has had trouble separating fiction from reality after an accident in the Fourth Wall after he spilled some coffee in the fictional world.

Other Facts[edit]

He really likes country, and techno music. He owns his own banjo that he plays most of the time. He loves music and art, in fact he owns his own art museum where artistes may pay to have their art shown there.


  • Keysaber
  • Laser Gun
  • Bazooka
  • Snow Rifle
  • Sword




  • Emperor Coldless


  • His favorite color is yellow.
  • His favorite song is Down In The Nothing Lands from the Reality Check music album.
  • His favorite movie is Reality Check, because of the special effects and music.
  • Cheese is his favorite food.
  • He goes to Snowzerland yearly for vacations.

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