It Came From Baa

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It Came From Baa
The movie's poster
Movie Info
Genre Horror
Released October 10, 2018
Running time
Language(s) English
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It Came From Baa is a monster movie released for Halloween 2018 featuring a giant shprogshel terrorizing a small town. It is a light spoof of the Night of the Living Sled trilogy, and was purposefully designed to evoke the cheesy monster movies of old. To fulfill these intentions, it was filmed in black and white.


The movie begins in a restricted facility on red alert. A group of secret agents rush into a room, only to find it is empty and a hole has been blown in the wall. The villainous Thaddeus Mustachetwirler III reveals himself in a helicopter, having stolen several barrels of toxic waste, and flies away. The secret agents quickly catch up to him in their own helicopters, and shoot him down over the island of Baa. Mustachetwirler is quickly eaten by the native shprogshels, and although the barrels containing the waste spilled, the agents opt not to clean it up, fearing the beasts, and fly away. One of the agents ponders whether or not they should report the results of the incident, and is told to ignore it and that nothing bad will happen.

A few days later, on a seemingly normal afternoon in a small town in the United States of Antarctica, life goes on as usual for its residents until a gigantic shprogshel, mutated by the toxic waste, emerges from the sea. The police attempt to subdue the beast, but are forced to retreat after the shprogshel kills several of their officers. Desperate for a solution, Mr. President contacts the Puffish scientist Dr. Richard Mortimer, hoping his high IQ will be able to save the day. Mortimer agrees to come to the United States of Antarctica, but informs President that he will not be able to arrive until the next day, forcing the town to evacuate in the meantime while the shprogshel's rampage continues.


  • Dr. Richard Mortimer - A Puffish scientist tasked with defeating the giant shprogshel. One of the greatest intellectuals of his time, it is said that his IQ is one of the highest in Antarctica.
  • Sprog Shelfood - Dr. Mortimer's assistant.
  • Thaddeus Mustachetwirler III - A mustachioed villain wearing a top hat, monocle, and cape. He is the most wanted criminal in Antarctica.
  • Mr. President - The extremely generic president of the United States of Antarctica. After the movie was released, the writers revealed that "Mr. President" is not a title, but that his last name is actually President.


Upon release, It Came From Baa received mostly positive reviews, praising its cheesy nature and calling it a fun Halloween movie, although general consensus was that the Night of the Living Sled short film trilogy still reigns supreme. Others criticized this same point however, wishing that it was more scary and modern, and referring to it as a bargain bin version of the Living Sled trilogy.

Prior to the film's release, Penstubal was one of the most vocal critics of the movie. He wrote several articles in the Penstubal Post about how shprogshels are misunderstood and that this movie only served to reinforce the stigma against them, and referred to the movie as "toxic and problematic". He urged all readers of the Post to boycott the movie, although this ultimately had little effect on the movie's box office performance.

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