Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town

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Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town
Country USA
Area West Pengolia
Mayor Napoley Bonapart
Population 5,000
Inhabited species Khanz Penguins
General information
Native name Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town
Founded 2003

Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town was previously the only town in Pengolia. Located near the coast, has the only port in the area, making it the richest town in Pengolia. Its' mayor is Napoley Bonapart. The town's population is very few, around 5,000 penguins. It used to be the capital and largest city of Pengolia until 2007.

Although Pengolia has split up, the USA still claims it is part of 'Pengolia', not West Pengolia, not East Pengolia, just Pengolia. Because the town is growing, and no longer tiny, officials are thinking of a name change. Penghis Khan is open to the idea, and wants it to be renamed Penghisville, after himself, because he has a large ego.


The town was settled in 2003, after the USA was founded, when many Khanz Penguins moved to the area and built the village. The village was effectively the first settlement in Pengolia, as Khanz Penguins were mostly nomads. In 2004, a seaport was built, which helped expand the town, as many ships came to dock there, since there wasn't a seaport for the next 250 miles. The port is famous for wholesale trade and the ferry to Warmslates, where some of the Pengolian inhabitants immigrate. The town, however, lost its importance in 2007 when the city of Ulaansnowtar was built, replacing the town as the capital. However, the seaport, being the only seaport in Pengolia, kept the town alive.

In 2010, rumors were that gold were found in Pengolia, and the rumors spread all over Antarctica. Many penguins from all over moved to Pengolia to dig the gold, but there was none. Some were too poor to buy a plane ticket to go home, so they ended up having the stay in Pengolia. Though most penguins left disappointed, some stayed when large amounts of coal were found, to try and make a profit.


The town being quite small, doesn't have many buildings, besides a few hundred houses, restaurants, stores, etc. There is also the old West Pengolian capital building, which is now a tourist attraction. There is also a regional airport called the Itsy Bitsy Tiny Micro Town Airport.


Most of its inhabitants are Khanz Penguins with one of the most famous being the mentally insane mayor, as the town is in Pengolia. However, like said earlier, many penguins from Warmslates like to immigrate there. The town was also majorly settled during the events of Gold for Thanksgiving, when penguins from all over Antarctica moved there to dig gold.


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