Ivan Williams

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Ivan Williams
Ivan in his assassin uniform while working for The Mastermind
Nicknames Scumbag (by Flywish and the residents of Fywish Island), The Masked Assassin (by news reporters)
Title Dr. Ivan
Gender Male
Race Dark Penguin
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Deceased
Level High
Status Deceased
Location Darktonian Realm
Birth date April 2, 1986
Death date April 2, 2011
Death place Roof of Flywish's Mansion
Cause of death Stabbed in the heart, then stumbling off the night club roof after Flywish slapped him
Occupation Assassin
Feather color Dark black
Criminal record Assassinating innocent creatures
Jail time accumulated 3 hours
Weapon of choice Knicicle, energy key

Ivan Williams (April 2, 1986 - April 2, 2011) was a Dark Penguin who worked for DTA. He died after Flywish executed him for the assassination of Kyle, Flywish's brother.


Ivan hatched in a log cabin on a mountain peak where his parents were vacationing. At the age of 5, Ivan grew some obsession with villainy after observing the acts of Malcur and other villains. At the age of 10, he left home for good. He never saw his family again. He never wrote, called, or visited, he just never saw them again, he didn't want them to know he was gonna take on a life of crime. After making a deal with a penguin named The Mastermind, Ivan got a job assassinating penguins and puffles that the boss told him to. However, if he had a plain face he would easily get caught, so he put on a mask every assassination he performed. He constantly was ordered to assassinate creatures so he ended up in the news. Police hunted him down and tried to find evidence of who held the mask. Ivan was really sneaky with these attacks so he barely got caught. Until one night, a hacker for the government found out that the assassin used emails so he hacked into Ivan's boss' email and sent him a target. Then he got a penguin to pretend to be the target for bait. He then set a trap for Ivan. When Ivan got to his "target's" destination and took out his energy key, a laser caught him and the trap fell on him. He was unable to get out and the police unmasked him and locked him up. Fortunately for Ivan, he bailed himself out with all the money he made from the assassinations before they could sentence him to life in prison.


It was at this time had he had his first encounter with what would later become his greatest fear. He was walking down a street when he saw a poster for a movie called... "Attack of the Evil Space Warthogs!".The 12-eyed, drooling monstrosity on the poster freaked Ivan out so much that he ran away, and accidently dropped his wallet (which contained all of his money, $4.25) into a manhole. When he arrived home, he found all his money missing and decided that the "Evil Space Warthogs" did it. He was now broke, so he stopped working for The Mastermind and applied for DTA, he succeeded in becoming the official assassin. Darktan II gave him a room. On January 8, 2009, Darktan had decided to give Ivan his first mission. His mission was to take out Flywish's 24 year old brother, Kyle.

Assassination of Kyle Wish[edit]

Ivan accepted the mission and went to the Rose Memorial Night Club where Kyle was on a blind date with a hot babe. He dressed himself up in a bunny costume to keep himself disguised, and hid his entire face with a mask. Kyle and his date were on their way to a dinner table in order to eat dinner after exhausting dancing. Ivan slithered to the table behind Kyle and waited for the exact moment. He sharpened his knife and then grabbed Kyle and stabbed him in the back of the head head, killing him instantly.


After Darktan called Flywish, he went to the night club where there were police. Somebody had informed him that there was someone who was murdered. Flywish busted into the Night Club to find his little brother in a body bag and his date melting down. Flywish swore revenge, and took it upon himself to personally track Ivan down, who by this time, had fled the country in fear of Evil Space Warthogs (which he believed controlled the universe and would be angry at him). A few years later, Darktan called Ivan again and called him to perform another murder, this time Flywish. Ivan (who didn't realise that Flywish had followed him and was watching them), agreed and set off to the nightclub, where he assumed Flywish would be. Later that night, he pulled himself up onto the nightclub roof, and found himself standing face to face with Flywish.

Flywish whipped out a pistol and fired quickly, but missed, and Ivan found the time to whip out a bloodied knife (the blood from Kyle, as he had forgotten to wipe off the knife) and threw it at Flywish. He hit Flywish in the belly, but Flywish was too angry to feel the pain. His rage consumed him, and he ripped out the knife and threw it back into Ivan, hitting him in the chest. The knife penetrated his heart, and Ivan screamed, filled with the agony of death. As Flywish slowly walked towards him with a grin on his face, Ivan saw visions of...Warthogs. He felt as if they were waiting for him to die, so they could feed on his remains. "HAVE MERCY!" screamed Ivan in desperation (and stupidity), "I DIDN'T DO IT! My, uhhhhh, pet moose did it! GET HIM!". Flywish did not listen to the pleas of mercy and smiled as he stood before Ivan. "Die you fool." mumbled Flywish, and then he slapped Ivan in the face. Ivan stumbled, felt his face, stumbled, then fell backwards, off the building. He landed on hard concrete, and as he lay dying, he managed to say "...warthogs...gonna get me...must...live" before dying a few seconds later. Flywish did not bother to bury him, as he threw the corpse into the sea where sharks fed on his remains instead of warthogs.


  • He was honoured by DTA with a memorial statue in the realm
  • Flywish made the killing of Ivan Williams a holiday.
  • Ivan had a deathly fear of warthogs.

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