Jérome Michaud

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Jérome Michaud
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Title Jérome
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Adventurer Extrordinaire!
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Club Penguin Island, or exploring.

Jérome Michaud is a famous explorer from Frankterre. He is well-known for leading expeditions into Club Penguin's forest.


Jérome was born outside of Parie, Frankterre, to a family of farmers, on March 5, 1983. He spent his chickhood wandering around and exploring, rather than attending to his studies. Often, he would be off exploring all day, and his parents would have to send for the police to look for him. Jérome grew out of this phase when he became a teenager. Jérome went to study at university in Parie when he turned 17, to become a doctor. However, his family couldn't afford to send him. So, he set off to the USA to find his way in life.

When he arrived in South Pole City, he couldn't find a job. It was in the middle of the War of 2002, and most of the city lay in ruin. So, Jérome went off to explore the continent. He came to many places, such as West Pengolia, Freezeland, the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, Archet, and the Antarctic Peninsula. When Club Penguin was being beta-tested, igloos were cheap and jobs were plentiful. So, he was hired by the moderators to do various jobs around the island. When the forest map was first found, he was the first penguin to volounteer to explore it. Ever since then, he has been paid to explore the island.

Personality & Appearance[edit]

Jérome is a witty, adventureous, gentleman that has deep-set black eyes that are like two spheres of night-black marble. His brown feathers are rugged, yet fair. He is tall and has an overmuscled build. His beak is mango-coloured. He has large flippers. His wardrobe is weird, with a lot of red and yellow.

Jérome also speaks poor English. This is because he is from Frankterre.


Jérome has been on many expeditions, but these are the most notable:

  • February 1992 - Jérome was a tween at the time. He ended up on the other side of Parie, and his parents sent for the police to escort him home.
  • November 1997 - Jérome walked the breadth of Frankterre to visit the ocean.
  • April - July 2002 - Jérome took a boat to the Antarctic coast, and then a train to South Pole City. He stayed there for a while, then went to work at a mining camp in the Trans-Antarctic mountains.
  • December 2002 - Jérome travelled to West Pengolia, which at the time was only one Pengolia. He met Penghis Khan and made the mistake of not bowing down before him. He was chased out of the country.
  • Early 2005 - Jérome went to Archet, where he stayed for a few months before arriving in Club Penguin in September.
  • May 2007 - The map to the Cove is found. Jérome volounteers to go to find it first. Everyone pitches in to help find the Cove.
  • January 2010 - The Cave Expedition. Jérome proposes that more of the island should be explored.
  • August 2010 - Jérome's request to explore more of the island is put through. The Mountain Expedition starts on the 12th.
  • January 2011 - The Wilderness Expedition.


  • Jérome speaks English, French, and German.
  • While most of the time he prefers to travel alone, Jérome does travel with a group when he must.
    • He gets annoyed when other people don't do things properly.
  • Nothing is currently known about what happened to Jérome's parents.