Jack5 Pie

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Jack5 Pie
Jack5 practicing his Keysaber.
Title Jack5: Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Race He always says he's a High Penguin, actually he's a Viking Penguin.
Health Strong
Status Looking for a job
Location German States
Birth date August 16th, 1986 (Aged 34 years)
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Interests Killing his older cousin
Friends Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland
Enemies Feey1
The Three Pieteers
Archetype Neutral

Jack5 Pie, is an evil bounty hunter that wants to murder his older cousin, Feey1. He hatched on August 16th, 1986 (Aged 34 years), and since then has been compared to Feey1 by his parents. All throughout his childhood his parents told him "be like your cousin", "your cousin would never do that", "I expect you to be nice, like your cousin". Jack5 got so mad about it, he finally cracked. He murdered his parents, and set out to kill his older cousin.

Currently he is a bounty hunter, and looking for jobs to kill his cousin. He has become friends with the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland, but hasn't met Swiss Ninja before. He lives in Alemania. He knows Spanish, German, and English. He trained himself with a Keysaber too, and has become an expert at it.


Jack5 Pie hatched on August 16th, 1986 (Aged 34 years), in an average family. His father was a dentist, and his mother was a stay-at-home-mom. Jack5 grew up as a very rude chick, and his parents constantly compared him to his older cousin. As he grew older, he got a lot ruder. When he was 10 he had no friends, and started to take an interest in warfare and fighting. He took karate lessons at a Dojo, and became a black belt in 5 months. He was NOT trained in the art of Card-Jitsu. When he was 14 he especially got rude, and argued with his parents a lot. To make matters worse, they still compared him to his older cousin. When Jack was 19 he finally snapped. He got so angry at his parents that he threw a treasure chest at them, killing them in the process. Jack didn't mean to kill them however, they are actully still alive however, they are elderly and changed their looks and live elsewheer, and was now terrified. Scared that the police would arrest him, he packed his things and ran away. He hopped on a train, and on the way he met Austin, who was going to Snowzerland for a job. Jack ended up in Hontana. There he took a boat to Snowzerland, and then to Alemania. Austin had given Jack his phone number. One day Jack lost all of his money, and ended up on the streets. He quickly called Austin, who had gotten a job from Swiss Ninja then. Austin loaned Jack some money, and Jack is still paying off the loan to this day. Jack and Austin decided to meet each other in Snowzerland, and discuss business. Austin offered Jack to join the Royal Bounty Hunters of Snowzerland, Jack denied the offer but became a friend of the bounty hunters.


Jack5 is a very rebellious penguin. He tends to not obey people, and goes off doing his own things. He is also very wise, and smart. Unlike many people, he studies his enemy before he attacks. At some times he stalks them for a whole two months, then attacks them at their weakness. He gets angry very easily too, and sometimes maul people who angered him. He has a large bounty on his head, 90 million Gold Coins if caught dead, 100 million Gold Coins if caught alive. He also likes to wear many different clothes, and wear all sorts of clothing. He usually does this in disguises.



  • Jack5 is a master of disguise. He wears many different clothes, and the only thing same about his ordinary look and disguises is that his skin color is the same.
  • He has several weapons: Keysaber, Snowball Gun, bazooka, and a Snoss Army Knife. He also carries Snowzer Cheese at times.
    • One time he mistaken a Snowzer Cheese for a regular piece of cheese, luckily the Snowzer Cheese was defected and didn't injure him.

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