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Gariwald fell for this.
Title Video Game Designer
Gender Female
Race Ghost
Faction G's Family Gariwald Line
Health Deceased
Level 10000
Status Fleeing because of shyness
Location Gariwald estate/Ghost Dimension

Jackie is a very caring, gamer penguin, but shy. She is the wife of Gariwald VIII, who is also her cousin. Their rather creepy love and marriage ultimately reunited the Gariwald Line with the rest of G's Family, and was a perplexing part of blowing the lid off of the secrets regarding the Line.

Not much is known about her as she is now, except that she is a ghost that exists somewhere in the Gariwald mansion. Her records were destroyed in the accident that killed her and Gariwald VIII. No one has actually seen Jackie's ghost, because her shyness causes her to hide away in the corners of the estate.


Jackie was hatched after Benny Franklin, but to which G family member is unknown, because most of her records were destroyed when her husband's machine accidently killed himself and the family estate. (Along with this, the family tries to forget Jackie, because knowledge that she married a cousin would tarnish the sterling purity of G's Family.)

It is known, though, that Jackie's egg was dropped in the snow, which is how he got shy. It is also confirmed that she attended a public high school, and that she was a beautiful girl, but was a social recluse, because she was too shy.

It can also be confirmed that Jackie, despite being beautiful and easily admissable into any popular clique, became a video game designer in the 1960s and fixed computer mainframed that have been hacked or broken. (Back in the sixties, this was no easy task.) In her spare time, she was a video game designer, and, given the technology she had available, was extraordinary at her beloved hobby.

She was swept off of her (webbed) feet by Gariwald VIII's haughty accent and manly facial hair fresh out of high school. It took him years to fight her shyness away, but it was Gariwald's dogged persistance that ultimately won Jackie's heart. She opened up to him, but no one else, and was actually excited to hear of his adventures into New Forest. After all, it was extremely secluded, peaceful, and full of fascinating rumors of paranormal activity.

Jackie and Gariwald VIII married in 1970, at an extremely young age, and were a blissful, but secretive, couple. They rarely contacted their family, even after some of them ended up in Club Penguin after The Club established a major port there.

In 1988, Jackie laid the egg of the next heir to the Gariwald line, Gariwald IX, but Gariwald VIII never lived to see him.


According to what Gariwald VIII would reveal to his grand-nephew, Jackie took a walk outside of the estate in 1989, carrying Gariwald IX's egg. Meanwhile, Gariwald was perfoming tests on his prototype "half-a" machine, that would allow him to transition from penguin to ghost and back. Sadly, a collosal error in the machinery occured, and the machine exploded, killing Gariwald VIII instantly and sucking him and the entire Gariwald mansion into the Ghost Dimension.

Jackie was at the gates of the house, returning from her walk. She witnessed the machine's explosion, which scattered ectoplasm all over the area, killing trees, and bathing her and Gariwald IX's egg in it.

She lived long enough to hatch Gariwald IX and raise him enough to waddle and speak on his own, but she died some time in 1991 (though others argue that it was 1990).


It is confirmed that, in both the Gariwald mansion's reappearence in Club Penguin, and in the Ghost Dimension, Jackie exists in hiding, cowering in her shyness from visitors. Jackie only comes out when it is just her and Gariwald present. Her ghost once roamed Club Penguin Island, but she successfully discovered a portal to the Ghost Dimension, where she was reunited with her husband.

This left Gariwald IX to fend for himself. He roamed the New Forest for decades, not reappearing until his father did.


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