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A typical Jacko.
A typical Jacko.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Spermatophyta
Class: Cucurbitales
Order: Cucurbitales
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Cucurbita
Species: Politicus
Subspecies: Cucurbita politicus

A Jacko is a living pumpkin practically "born" to be a politician. Jackos are very smart and are multilingual, being able to speak English, Leet, Legal-jargon, and Politically Correct naturally, as well as learn other languages. How these lovable pumpkins came to be is unknown, but they sure are good leaders, and more fun than Generic Politicians.


When two orange penguins (who later founded GourdZoid) climbed up a mountain, they discovered a small bunch of pumpkins at the top of the summit. Obviously, normal pumpkins can not grow at such an altitude, and they didn't see any vines, just snow, rocks, and some brown soil. A few days after building their houses, a few Jackos approached them, and upon greeting, the adventurers locked the doors. After a few hours, they finally opened their doors and quickly befriended the political pumpkins. The village of GourdZoid remained unknown for a while, until Winston discovered it while searching for "cute things" to cuddle. He insists that the adorable fruits can talk and even move, yet no-one believed him because he was weird.

Later, the Snell-Libros were sent to GourdZoid in search for the mythical pumpkin, and confirmed their existence. Dubbed "Jackos", these lovable pumpkins are somewhat like a nice version of Mabel. They talk a lot and are excellent debaters. However, it is very important that a Jacko is by far much nicer than Mabel... way nicer.


Jackos resemble the jack-o-lanterns used for decorations in Club Penguin at first glance. They are all orange colored, with glowing yellow eyes and black pupils.

A little black bow-tie is nestled at the bottom of every Jacko; the two permanent residents of GourdZoid claim they grow like flowers on them.

Jackos also have a stem like normal pumpkins, though it important to note that it looks like a "top hat" with a green twig sticking out on top.


Jackos currently do not do very much outside their native residence, though they all hope to have their own seat in the South Pole Council representing Trans-Antarctica alongside new representive Bob McGoo, the previous one being 24Keyser.

Some of the more "extreme" Jackos actually want the South Pole Council to be moved to the GourdZoid Council Hall, a local building currently being used as a hotel.

Their request was granted when Explorer persuaded the Council to restablish the Council Hall, but the SPC never did move there.


  • The two penguin residents of GourdZoid think that a Jacko should accompany every South Pole Council delegate, because of their intense political abilities.
    • They even go as far as insisting that even the smallest Jacko would make a better delegate than Mabel. Naturally, Mabel hates this.
  • Jackos seem to be some of the smartest creatures on the earth.

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