Jackson O. Lantern

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Jackson O. Lantern

Jackson O. Lantern at the time of his return.
Born Jackson Oliver Lantern
December 10, 1780 (1780-12-10) (age 238)
Fogvale, High Penguin Confederacy
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Jack
Ethnicity Dark Penguin
Occupation Wizard
Years active 1795-1818
Home town Fogvale
Known for Accidentally transforming his head into a pumpkin
Title Jackson O. Lantern

Jackson O. Lantern is a villainous Wizard and a practitioner of various forms of dark magic. As a result of sneezing in the middle of performing a powerful spell, Jackson accidentally cursed himself, merging his head with a pumpkin for all eternity. Jackson is actually a Dark Penguin, but used magic to colour his feathers purple in order to avoid any suspicion of him being evil.


Jackson was hatched on December 10, 1780, and being a Dark Penguin was naturally evil at heart. From a young age, he was obsessed with magic and bending things to match his own twisted view of reality. Jackson always enjoyed Hallowe'en for its spooky, mystical nature, often using trick or treaters as test subjects for his spells. At some point in the early 1810's, he travelled deep into the forests of Penguin Island (modern day Club Penguin) where he could practice his magic in peace. He lived there for a long time, and in late 1818, his private residence was found by a wandering puffle. Annoyed that the puffle was now trespassing on his property, Jackson tried to drive it away, but the stubborn puffle kept returning to visit Jackson's house, chewing on the wood walls of the house and doing other things Jackson deemed annoying. Eventually, Jackson captured the puffle and locked him in a cage, planning to punish it.

The approach of Hallowe'en gave Jackson the idea to turn the puffle into a pumpkin permanently the next night, using a powerful curse that could only be cast on Hallowe'en night. Unfortunately, when the time came, a combination of Jackson not being very familiar with the spell and a badly-timed sneeze caused the curse to backfire. Jackson's head was transformed into a pumpkin, leaving him enraged. Blaming the puffle, Jackson attempted another powerful curse on it, one that would banish the victim into non-existence for 200 years. In his anger and haste, he performed the spell incorrectly once again by pointing his wand backwards, cursing himself a second time. He appeared in a timeless void, where he would dwell for the next 200 years, slowly building up and practicing his magic, planning to exact revenge on the entire world and conquer all once he left.

On Hallowe'en night, 200 years later in the year 2018, Jackson reappeared in the forests of Club Penguin. With his banishment curse now lifted, he began plotting to make a comeback.


Jackson O. Lantern, being a wizard, is particularly adept in magic, being able to perform a variety of different spells, most of which usually glow green when performed. He can summon fire, transform certain objects into something random and make things levitate among other things. Jackson usually refrains from transforming other people, as he is afraid of his spells backfiring like he did on himself.


  • Sometimes, when enraged, his pumpkin head creates green flames around itself.
  • Jackson is considered to be rather "out of date" with modern Antarctica, often being unfamiliar with most slang words and phrases.
    • He also tends to speak in a more archaic manner, putting "-est" and "-eth" at the end of some words.
  • His name is a pun of the word "jack-o'-lantern".
  • Though Jackson has grown used to having a pumpkin for a head, it is still somewhat top-heavy, making him more prone to losing balance and falling over.
  • Jackson rarely needs to carry a torch in dark places, thanks to the green glow from his pumpkin head.
  • Though he has tried every conceivable method he can think of, he is unable to remove or get rid of his pumpkin head.

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