Jacques Hochstadt

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Jacques Hochstadt
Jacques Hochstadt.png
A picture of Jacques Hochstadt.
Title Sensei
Gender Male
Status Dead
Birth date March 30, 1029
Occupation Sensei
Archetype Good

Jacques Hochstadt was the son of Gung Hao, and the first penguin in the family to be named a Hochstadt. Not only that, he is also a Sensei, like his father.


Jacques was born on March 30, 1029. He was always interested in his father's occupation, unlike his brother, Dako, whom he fought with throughout his life. Thus, his father trained him to become the next Sensei.... Making a jealous Dako. When the death of their father occurred, the boys decided to have new last names, with Jacques taking the name "Hochstadt" - which meant "High Town" in German. Jacques continued his father's tradition of training Ninjas. Although considered quite lazy in his younger years, Jacques was said to be 10 times better than his father eventually, training up to 5,000,000 Ninjas. Jacques occasionally visited Alemania to visit his son and wife, although he mostly stayed on Penguin Island to train Ninjas. By the time his son had denied his future to become a Sensei as a teen, Jacques knew that he would have to pick a student that was not of his lineage, thus he chose his most loyal student who later became his apprentice, a penguin named Arthur Gurnstiles, who originally came from modern day Freezeland. Jacques died in his sleep in Penguin Island and was buried in the Ninja Sanctuary, which he built for Gung Hao and the future Hochstadt Senseis.


Jacques Hochstadt later married an Alemanian woman named Frieda Altz, a penguin who was also a student under his father, Gung Hao. They had a son named Chavet, but Frieda was homesick and took Chavet with her to Alemania when he was still an egg, leaving a depressed Jacques at Penguin Island. Jacques eventually visited his son when he was already a teenager, but by then he was not interested in becoming a Sensei. His son Chavet became a famous baron in Alemania who's Grandson, Rudolph, became the King of Osterreach.

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Preceded by
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The Position of
The Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Jacques Hochstadt

1080 - 1100

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