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Jai Wish (pronounced Jye) is Flywish's cousin who owns a small delivery business in Flywish Island. He often calls Flywish and asks him to hang out with him (mostly bowling). Flywish mostly says no and he responds with "Maybe some other time".


Jai grew up with dreams to be rich. But his parents wanted him to be something that wouldn't pay him much in fear of cockiness. His parents also introduced him to his cousin Flywish who only dreamed to be with Rose. However, Jai told Flywish he could have Rose and be rich. Flywish's parents were luckily okay with him telling him that since they never knew that was what could happen. Jai's parents didn't approve of him getting away with that and made him learn how to serve food at a restaurant. Jai got sick of his parents forcing him to dream of being lower middle class and walked out of the door. He went to live with his cousin Flywish. But he learned that Flywish no longer lived there since he was a Mwa Mwa Penguin due to the depression of Rose rejecting him. Jai got upset and sulked for days. His aunt and uncle decided to sneak a Nummy Cake into Flywish's "Elmo Pizza". Flywish's Mwa Mwaness was healed but his "wammy" kicked his parents out thinking they were "strangers" and wouldn't let Flywish go because she thought he was just growing up in the Mwa Mwa way. Flywish finally beat up his Mwa Mwa related sister and shoved his "wammy" into the wall and walked out leaving them bruised. His parents (who daily waited outside) took him home. Jai ran out and hugged him. They went to Flywish's room where Flywish shared his experiences of Mwa Mwaism with Jai. Jai then believed that Mwa Mwa Penguins were freaks who don't deserve to be out in public. (Which is true) This got him into obsessively attacking Mwa Mwas whenever he saw them.

When Jai turned 16, Flywish had announced to his family that, being twenty years old, he was leaving to go to his newly founded country with his girlfriend Rose and his puffle Chuck. Jai requested he go along with him thinking he could actually start a new life. Flywish agreed and they left for Flywish Island. In Flywish Island, Jai took long walks around Flywish Island seeing what business he wanted to own. He decided to own a small store he called "Wishful Deliveries". Flywish built him a huge igloo to live in. Jai's life was going perfect. His business was doing well, his reputation in Flywish Island was decent, and females took likings in him. However, Flywish had been raising an army. He had been stressed since his son was in jail and his wife was dead. And his other son was sent away. He asked his cousin to go bowling with him. Flywish said yes and went to the bowling alley where he felt a little better. After a nice talk with Jai, they became closer. Jai thought they would hang out a lot but Flywish mostly said no.

Later, Jai was getting bored of the business so he asked Flywish to be part of CPWE. Flywish agreed and decided to train him. Later, Flywish told him he was gonna launch a show in 2010 called AFTR after the cancellation of IAW (Inhumane Awarding Wrestling), so he put him on there as Waddle Barrier. After winning, he took the entire season 1 and in storyline, tore up the BURN arena. CPWE never showed any relation between the owner and Waddle Barrier.


  • Although not a parody, he has many similarities to Roman Bellic from GTA IV.
  • his cousin is often annoyed when he wants to go bowling with him.

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