Jake Slang

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Jake Slang
Jake Slang.JPG
The ad in the Club Penguin Times that Jake modeled for.
Title Jake The Dumb Explorer
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good Guy
Health Good
Status Lost obviously.
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date January 7, 1981 (1981-01-07) (age 38)
Occupation Um....
Interests Anything BUT red puffles!
Friends Feey1, Kaylin, Sockhopper
Enemies Swiss Ninja, all red puffles, the EPF
Archetype Good Guy

Jake Slang is Feey1's best friend, and is probably the dumbest penguin ever. He doesn't have a job, and is always getting lost in the wilderness.


Jake Slang was born on Feey1's 1st birthday, in Waffleland, a place that heavily influenced his personality. There he grew up with his mom, having his dad die from Fat. He and his mom soon moved to Shiverpool, and that's where they met The Pie Family. The Slangs and the Pies got well together, and became great friends. Jake quickly became friends with Feey1, and the two were always out having an adventure. One day they ran away from their families so they can have an 'adventure'. They planned to travel all of Antarctica, excluding the Ninja Archipelago. Unfortunately their parents found them before they left Shiverpool. As Jake grew up he became much more crazy, and did the weirdest things. He started to eat without a shirt on, break dance to classical music, and sing opera while flying in a plane. When his mom took him to the doctor they learn he had Optimism, a rare disease among penguins. He didn't have much of it though, because if he did he wouldn't speak right. He continued to grow up like a crazy penguin, and always had adventures.


Jake was asked to be a model in an ad for the Wilderness Expedition. The Club Penguin Times said he would be paid 5,000 coins if he were to be in it, so he agreed. A week later he went to the Dock and followed a photographer to the photo shoot. It was in the wilderness, and two other models were there. One of them was a red puffle! Jake freaked out and ran away when he saw the puffle. Finally the photographers took the puffle out of the picture, and just added him in later with effects.

Living On the Lam[edit]

In 2010 when the PSA was shut down, and the EPF rose to power Jake hated it. He worked at the Sport Shop, and now because of the EPF he had no job. So he decided to cover the Everyday Phoning Facility with toilet paper. He used the rest of his coins to buy toilet paper, then at 2:00am he started to throw toilet paper at the facility. Then he took some spray paint and wrote in big letters: 'EPF Is Stupid! Hahah!'. An hour later he went back to Sockhopper's cave. The next morning he waddled on over to the facility and saw that it was all clean. He dumbly shouted, "Who the heck took down my beautiful art!?". EPF agents then attacked him, but Jake punched one and ran away. He has been living on the lam since then.


  • "It will work if you just kick it!"
  • "AUGH! Red puffles, where!?"
  • "I'm running away to go on an adventure!"
  • "It's all coming back to me."
  • "Does this really work?"
  • "Hey guys, watch this!"
  • "Great, I'm stuck in a box."


Jake is somewhat of a daredevil, and doesn't really care about safety. Not very cautious a lot of accidents happen, like falling into a rose bush. He's also very interested in things, and seems to touch everything he sees. He's a curios, crazy, and daredevil penguin.



  • He is deathly afraid of red puffle because he believes they are servants of demons.
  • He has no job, and lives with Sockhopper in his cave.
  • When he was 16 his mother put a tracking device in his head. When Jake turn 20 he had it removed.
  • Secretly he eats Sockhopper's lollipop, and then replaces it with another one so Sockhopper doesn't realize it.
  • He owns puffle replant. Just in case he sees a red puffle.
  • His favorite color is Lime Green.

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