Jal X

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Jal X
"Evil and Good, but not neatral"
Title somethins she calls "govil"
Gender Female
Race Antibody
Faction None
Health Good
Level High
Status being "govil" or whatever she calls it.
Location How am i suppost to know?!?

No to eb confused with Jal.


When Jenni X bit Jal, to her suprise Jal X attacked Jenni and the others! She later ran away to join a 'Govil army' or whatever her crazy mind thinks of. She later became a villain and a good guy, or as she calls it, a Govil.


She spreads 'govil".


  • She says Govil is "Being evil and good but not neutral" what a crazy!
  • She hates no one. but likes No one.
  • Govil is a made up word, but she says its real.
  • When an X-Antibody tried to capture her in the Nightmare Epic, she gave him an hour-long lecture about Govil. The next day, said X-Antibody was deemed insane.

Quikc Notice[edit]

  • She is INDEED NEATRAL, she saids "govil" instead, she is 100% NEATRAL.

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