James Kwiksilver International Airport

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James Kwiksilver International Airport
Key details
Name James Kwiksilver International Airport
Type of airport International Airport
Hub for TransAir
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Location Shiverpool
Runway Runway 10R/28L (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)
Runway Runway 10L/28R (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt/Concrete)

The James Kwilsilver International Airport, formerly known as the Shiverpool Regional Airport (ACAO Code: SHV) is a large international airport in Shiverpool, serving the capital of the Antarctic Peninsula. It serves many airlines, and has one terminal, and two runways, Runway 10R/28L, Runway 10L/28R. It is located 2 miles east of Downtown Shiverpool.


The James Kwiksilver International Airport was built in 1960 by the Water Kingdom government in Olde Antarctica, as the Shiverpool Regional Airport. The airport wasn't very busy, as Shiverpool was a small town back then. In 1999, when the Colonial Antarctica War started, it was turned into an air force base.

After the war, Shiverpool started to rapidly grow. The old air force base, now abandoned, got major renovations and became known as the James Kwiksilver International Airport. To this day the airport is one of the busiest in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Terminal 1[edit]

  • Air Antarctic: South Pole City-Metro, Club Penguin City, Polaris, Newton Town, Zurich
  • TransAir: Polaris, Middle Island, Glassyglow, Carcery, Newton Town, Sealville, Inland, EmotiVille, Club Penguin City, Snowville, New West City, Ice City, GourdZoid, East Bank Town, New Club Penguin, Gemini, South Pole City-Metro
  • CP Airways : South Pole City-Metro, Club Penguin City,
  • CP Airways Express operated by Eastwind Airlines:Club Penguin City-Amherty, South Pole City-Metro

Terminal 2[edit]

  • Air Culldrome: Culldrome Isles, South Pole City, Gemini, Snowville, East Bank City, Club Penguin Island, Newton Town, Aquarius, Pengu Town.
  • Virgin Acadia: South Pole City, East Bank City, Newton Town, Inland, Iceland, Shops City, Bridgebane, New Club Penguin, Parie
  • UTA: New Club Penguin
  • AirTerra: New Club Penguin, Neo Domino City,


The airport is in an international style of architecture, and has two main terminals. The airport is mostly made of silicone glass and steel, metal beams. The airport has 10 gates, six of which belong to TransAir. The airport has some border clearance services provided by the USA government. The airport is also a main hub for TransAir, and serves four other airlines. The airport has some snack stalls, and two holding lounges.