James Sauce

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James Sauce
James Sauce.jpg
D'aww! It's a sauce piggy!
Title Cutest Sauce Piggy
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin (Yes, not a sauce piggy.)
Faction Cutest Sauce Piggy
Health He scraped his knee! *Penguins scream*
Status Waddling. Waddling to the market.
Birth date January 18, 1989 (1989-01-18) (age 31)
Occupation He works in a market.
Interests Growing gardens, watching tv, his job.
Friends Rhino Lee and Ozzie Harris.
Enemies Pork eaters. Ham eaters. Bacon lovers. CURSE YOU BACON LOVERS!
Archetype Sauce Piggy

Chick Years[edit]

He was born blankly adorable. Period. Just so cute. He learned to walk at 9 months and learned to talk at 12 months. He did not use his ability of awesome language wisely. In fact, he pretty much never used it. When he went to preschool, he was the center of attention. He was always deemed "Adorable" or "Hottest guy in class", and that made other boys not like him (curse his cute, good, looks!). He always liked one girl who was really shy. When he got to elementary school, he wanted to meet her. Sammy Williams was her name, and she was UH-GUH-LEE to some, or Antarctica's Next Top Penguin to others. James never got to meet her because other girls kept him away.

Overall Appearan- D'AWW![edit]

OHMAIGAWD. It's a sauce piggy! He has a cute nose and a cactus t-shirt! He is so sweet and hates meat. He is a straight vegetarian and really likes salads. He is a cute shade of olive green and doesn't talk much. NOO! RANDOM VIEWER, DON'T DIE ON ME! DON'T LET HIS LOOKS KILL YOU!


He loves his job. Period.


  • "Pickles."
  • "Oink."
  • "Phooey."
  • "I am James Bon- I mean Sauce. James Sauce."


  • He married me.
  • He is a pig.
  • He was fired.

The Sweet Tasting Truth.[edit]

  • He is not a high penguin, you Noob.
  • He is single. Which means HE DOESN'T WANNA MARRY YOU!
  • He is not a pig, he is a penguin. What part of that do you not understand?
  • He loves his job. He will NEVER be fired.