James Wally Stormbreaker

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James Wally Stormbreaker, or James is a penguin who lives in Club Penguin.


James was born to Sk8rbluscat and an unamed mother penguin in 2010. He has become close friends with many of the penguins in the Fanon Universe. Several of his friends are Hat Pop and G. In 2011, he has experienced a hug from Winston, which he didn't really like. For college, James graduated Penguin University James currently works at Taco Ball and plans to get a job at PAMD. James also gets married to Kelley Stephanie Turnover in 2011.


James is an black Adelie Penguin. He has curly, brown hair, styled into the form of an Afro. He wears brown, round framed glasses, and is commonly found wearing an orange hoodie. He also wears black shoes with bright orange laces.


James has a very gentle personality. Penguins who know him know that he can be hotheaded at times. Most of the time, though, he stays calm and does his job. He has many friends, so he can make new friends easily. He teaches penguins how to work with computers, and also teaches them how to build them. When you try to teach him something new, that's when he becomes a hothead.


James's family is relatively small, but he considers it the biggest part of himself. His Father is Sk8rbluscat and his mother is an unnamed penguin. His pets and close companions are Rowdy and Mitzi... who happen to be white puffles that are siblings.

Favorite Activities[edit]

James has several favorite activities. One of his vavorite activities is looking at the OldBird Electronics website. James also enjoys building computers, which he wishes to do at PAMD. In his spare time, he enjoys watching football with his best friends.


James has good relationships with many of his friends. One of his friends, Kelley Stephanie Turnover has a crush on him. He likes her back, but he feels they should just stay friends. The relationship between Kelley and him became stronger in The Greatest Homecoming, where they go to homecoming as friends... but leave homecoming as boyfriend and girlfriend. Kelley and James get married in Love at First Sight.