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James, James, James of the Jungle, strong as you may be, watch out for that pole, WATCH OUT FOR THAT... pole.
Title King of the Jungle
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Hitting trees
Health Questionable
Level 1
Status Lying on the ground after hitting a rather large pole
Location Somewhere in the Dorkugese Jungle swinging on cables and crashing into poles
Occupation Swinging on vines, crashing into poles
Interests The Dorkugese Jungle, swinging on cables
Friends Cables
Enemies Poles
Archetype Neutral, stupid

James (more commonly known as James of the Jungle) is a strange penguin that lives in the jungles of Dorkugal. He enjoys swinging on the ever-abundant cables in the area, dodging Foccis and Chomp Flowers, and hitting poles.


James was born in January 21, 1972 at the only hospital in Waffleland.

Just after he was born his parents started watching a TV show called Tarzan.

This impacted him for the rest of his life and after that James always wanted to be like the TV hero Tarzan but ended up acting more like George of the Jungle.

As he got older he was often seen trying to swing from the branches of the trees outside, usually breaking them in the process and giving him less trees to swing from.

He was the best in the gym class, but had lousy grades.

He also had a favorite piece of clothing, the caveman suit from the stage.

Eventually, of course, he ran out of trees and started using all the trees in the community.

He was then kicked out by the Fashion Police (who knows why they were there) because he was "A danger to the environment, which is SO OUT OF FASHION!" as they put it.

He then travelled to Dorkugal after hearing of their fabled forests of metal and silicon, things that wouldn't break under his weight.

The nerds shrieked and ran away, and he robbed the hot dog stand and kept journeying.

He travelled long and far from his original home and had many hardships along they way.

When he arrived, he lived happily ever after (until he hit a pole while swinging).


James is a friendly, but mildly stupid penguin who wears Cavepeguin clothes and has a wife named Julia of the Jungle.

When he hits poles, he leaves a penguin-shaped mark in them, probably because of the high speed that he hits them with.

Although, when he grabs a still electrified cable...that isn't pretty.


  • (after getting zapped by a still active high-voltage cable) "Ohhh James feel ouch... maybe James should do cable again..."
  • "James is being eaten by Focci. James's nose feels tikily..."
  • "James hear funny music playing..."
  • "James swing on this cable...(SPLAT)...James crash again."

High Penguin: "Look at that ugly fat primitive idiot! I'll bet he's still a cavepenguin!"

James: "Why you call Jungle King fat primitive idiot?"

High Penguin: "Because I'm a superior High Penguin and I'm awesomer! So stop that nonse-" he was flattened by the "Fat Primitive Idiot".


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