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Full Name Jamie Serkis
Status Alive
Born Jamie Serkis
May 7, 1999 (1999-05-07) (age 20)
Species Penguin
Race Grey penguin
Gender Female
Height 1'08" (33 cm)
Weight 1.5 Kg
Residence Eastshield
Citizenship Antarctican
Ethnicity Caladian, Dorkuguese
Nationality Caladian
Occupation Member of Best of Loserz
Employer EPF
Dynasty Serkis Dysnasty

Jamie Serkis, known to her friends as Jamie, is an Caladian-born penguin, who moved to Shiverpool in the Antarctic Peninsula. As she took her college education in Eastshield, she met RealMax, a classmate of hers, and also meet music teacher, Gaben Fordsmen, who would also become friends. She is a young adventurer and musician, as she and her two friends are members of the band Best of Loserz. She is known for being a weirdo, but still "normal," to others, but Max and Gaben don't believe so. She comes from a "weird" family to which they have a farm, a hotel room, a zoo, and the supposing corpse of a Black Dog. She is known to hike and have fun at parties, however, she is does not like dancing.

Early life[edit]


She hatched in her farm on May 7th, 1999, and got to learn about the animals and farm of her home. She had three siblings, and older brother and two younger sisters. However, when she was introduced the corpse of the Black Dog, she was frightened, so badly she would have nightmares of such beast. Luckily, her parents informed her that he was dead, and not alive. At age three, she would learn how to plant vegetables, and how to feed the animals. She would get home-schooled at the age of five, as her aunt was a past teacher, and recently retired, so teaching her niece was a good thing. She learned how to write, do math, read and also learn different types of educational topics. However, when she was eleven, it was decided she should go to an actual school, which from her was thirty minutes away from her. Thus she had to sleep early so she can be ready for school.

Educational years[edit]

As she entered middle school, none of the students knew her, but she immediately made friends with the cool kids, and showed her what the life of a popular or cool kid is. She followed them and was an official member of the cool kids, most notably the girls. She also had many boys who had crushes on her, and would try to soft talk her into being their girlfriend, but would usually decline, as she wants to get good grades and does not like to get bad grades, as it would be really bad for her, thus she made progress and did very good on her tests and homework. On behalf of this, she joined both the girl's volleyball, and also the wrestling team, because she likes to have fun with the other kids, thus she was quite popular, however, what's popular is at the time, she would bring her friends to her house, via after school bus, thus her property was popular among her friends.

Her property, along with the other farmer neighbors was really popular, and her friends and her would have fun outside and also do "dumb" stuff, one of which was exploring an abandoned house through a trail full of vegetation, to which Jamie had no problem with, as she was raised with animals. One time, on the second floor of the abandoned house, the floor beneath Jamie collapsed and she broke her arm. Her friend rushed her out, as Jamie tried to run to her house, to which her parents helped her, as well as her friend. They took her to the hospital, in which she had to get a cast. Thankfully it healed.

As high school came, she had to say goodbye, and moved to the Antarctic Peninsula, specifically the city of Shiverpool, as her original home was being sold by a seller who claimed the house was cleaned, but in reality, he was a greedy penguin. As she moved with her parents to her apartment, to which she was sad and homesick, because of the memories at her original house. She had spent three years in that apartment, as she had to go to high school, but made an account on a social media account, her friends used. During this time, it was revealed her original home was not even bought by someone, thus they moved back, but the house grew a bit of vegetation, thus they brought it back to it's old self again. However, she, only her would have to go to college in Eastshield, for her future, and thus, she went.

She spent her life in a dorm, and everyday would talk to her parents, and during this time would get grades. However, during this time, she attended a class which she met fellow classmate Armando Trujillo, known by his nickname RealMax. She talked to him, and soon became good friends. She would also attend a band class outside of her main classes, a local class down the street of the college she attended called "Music Lessons 101," which was run by Gaben Fordsmen, a penguin who knew how to play the trombone and percussion. She chose to play the acoustic guitar, but also the electric guitar, and several other instruments, including percussion, with the cowbell, the drum set, and the Alto Saxophone. She would eventually know that he knew Max, and they became buddies, and in 2015, Max and Gaben made a band called Best of Loserz, in which she took part in, being an official member. She would get to play the guitars and keyboard by Max, and would also do backup vocals for some of the songs.

She, Max and Gaben would go to her home via airplane, and introduced them and would talk and, overall, have fun. She would eventually start to slowly admire Max, and eventually have a crush on him, but she has not revealed this to Max. After she finished college, she moved, in Eastshield of course, and would for the rest of her life. Additionally, she is part of the EPF.


She would travel to a strange place called Cambodia, in which she would be gone for five years, to which many presumed her to be dead, but she would have come back, and eventually return with photographs of forested temples.

Personality and Appearance[edit]

She is a cheerful penguin, but acts weird like her family. They are normal, it is just their tradition, as Jamie states it. She often likes to go to parties to talk with her friends and have fun, however, she does not like to dance. However, she does, she just hates it because it embarrasses her. She is smart, however jerks call her a "nerd" to which she brushes it off. When ever something relating to a small problem comes, she gets on it instantly,for example, bedbugs. She absolutely hates them.

She is a gray penguin who which her mom is Dorkuguese, and her dad is an Emperor Penguin.


She is usually seeing a grey jacket, jeans, and wearing a black shirt with red letters labeled "DEATH GRIPS." She claims she found it inside a crate floating in the sea, with the box labeled it traveling to a place called Patagonia. She also wears her famous grey glasses.


She is usually involved in the activities she does and her friends, not to mention she is always with them when performing a song.



  • RealMax - As mentioned, she has a crush on him, thus she is trusts him just as she trusts her and are best friends.
  • Gaben Fordsmen - To her, Gaben is not only her mentor, but like a second father to her, as he does not want her nor Max to get in trouble.



  • Her appearence is that based on the character of Vriska Serket of the comic Homestuck of the now-defunct webcomic site MS Paint Adventures, while her personality and family history is that based of Dwight from the The Office.