Java Ghent

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Java Ghent
Official RDA Bounty Hunter
Title Java Ghent
Gender Male
Race Batavian Khanz Penguin
Faction Bounty Hunter, RDA Worker
Health Pretty Good.
Level Bounty Hunter
Status Doing something with Austin or Swiss Ninja
Location Terninia, Batavia, Snowzerland
Birth date Schipol, Batavia
Occupation RDA Bounty Hunter
Interests Bounty Hunting, Weaponry, Flying Jetpacks
Friends Austin8310, Swiss Ninja, Der Exterminator
Enemies Hochstadt Gang
Archetype Neutral

Java Ghent is a Batavian Penguin who is Austin8310's Bounty Hunter Companion. He is a Member of the RDA.


Java Ghent was the son of Django Ghent, who was also a Bounty Hunter. They lived mostly in Terninia during Java's Childgood. Java's Mother is Unknown, for his true father, Django Ghent, was killed by Jock Hochstadt in battle. Young Java was raised by a Scientist who worked for the RDA. His Scientist step-father noticed that Java loved warfare, and the life of Adventure. His step father then sponsored Java to be a Bounty Hunter, so he was trained to be Bounty Hunter by the RDA. He happened to be SN's First Royal Bounty Hunter, but he lost the title when he started to work for someone else. However, He came back, became friends with Austin8310, and became a Bounty Hunter, but not the Royal one. He now Helps Swiss Ninja and Austin in bounty hunter missions. Java has hated the Hochstadt Gang and vows to destroy them, not unlike Austin.


Java generally helps Austin, especially in missions involving Snowzerland. Java's tenure of service to Swiss Ninja started in 2010 during the Great Snowzerland War III and has since been involved in capturing or destroying the Hochstadt Gang. He has been involved in Travelling All of Antarctica as well as Gold For Thanksgiving. In the Great Snowzerland War VI, Java was assigned to capture Feey1


Java is a "better safe than sorry, look before you step" type of person. He is normally not careless, going down to the least detail in the assignment. This heavily rivals his companion, Austin's personality. Austin generally rushes forward, while Java is more careful. Java is also a quiet Penguin that doesn't talk much. He just usually nods when he assigns something. Also, Java is generally more intelligent than Austin, but not as strong or fast. Also, Java likes ranged weapons much more than close range weapons.



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