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Jawa Snowski

Jawa waving to you.
Born Jawa Snowski
January 5, 1994 (1994-01-05) (age 24)
Gemela, Gernomia
Gender Male
Nationality Gernomia Flag.png Gernomian
Other names Jawa Waffle, Wafflez, Waffle
Education Unknown
Alma mater N/A
Occupation Music Maker
Years active 2013-present
Notable works Unknown
Home town Gemela
Known for Wearing all kinds of random outfits and costumes.
Title Jawa "Waffle" Snowski
Relatives Wikipenguino45 (cousin), Sarah Lagois (aunt), Penguino Lagois IV (uncle)
Jawa Snowski
Jawa Waffle.png
Jawa in one of his random outfits with his red puffle, Red in August, 2011.
Background information
Birth name Jawa Snowski
Other names Jawa Waffle
Born January 5, 1994 (1994-01-05) (age 24)
Gemela, Gernomia
Genres EDM, electronic music, dubstep
Occupations musician, disc jockey, guitarist
Years active 2013-present
Labels Disc Jockey Club (2014-2015)
Orbit Energy Music Productions (2016-present)

Jawa Snowski better known as Jawa Waffle is a electronic msuic maker and DJ from Gemela, Gernomia where he still lives, but travels around the continent to perform in other locations. Jawa is known for sometimes wearing all kinds of random clothes and items at different times, but he usually wears his blue and white puffle shirt and his 7th Anniversary Hat when he came to Club Penguin. He does sometimes come to Club Penguin Island, where he meets up with his cousin, Wikipenguino45. Jawa has a red puffle named Red, who is his best friend and always travels with him.


Early Life[edit]

Jawa was hatched 2 years and 5 months after his older sister, Sarah Snowski II in the city of Gemela in a house near the river. Jawa liked music from a very young age, and enjoyed listening to most types of music. Jawa also discovered a new-found liking for waffles, inspiring his nickname. Jawa spent some of his spare time after school learning about music and wanted to learn how to play the guitar. He did surprisingly well in music class, and passed most of the tests easily. Jawa started to learn how to play the guitar at the age of 11, and could do it very well in a matter of time.

Jawa continued to learn more about music and started to like electronic music. Jawa decided to try and make his own song using some computer software, and recording equipment. He successfully finished the song which he then created a WaddleTube channel named Jawa Waffle. After a few months, his video started to get more likes and views. Jawa's videos were soon very popular in his neighbourhood when he told everyone he had started WaddleTube. Many penguins started demanding that he make more music on his WaddleTube channel, so he continued.

Making music[edit]

His music making career carried him on to university where he took his career further, and decided to make it his job. His subscriber count continued to rise slowly but surely, and by the end of the year, he had around 900,000 subscribers. Jawa's musical career led him on to becoming a very famous penguin in his hometown of Gemela, and he was supported by his friends and family. Other penguins started asking him to be the DJ for clubs around the region, and sometimes in the capital.

Music career[edit]

Coming soon


Coming soon


Jawa is a red penguin who usually wears a shirt of his choosing, mostly using his favourite blue one. He wears his 7th Anniversary Hat for most of the time, but also wears white headphones especially when he's performing as a DJ in clubs. He will also wears hats, sunglasses, and sometimes carries his guitar. Jawa is known for his random outfits, and also wears all sorts of things from duck tubes to tuxedos. He does not have hair.


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  • He has a fear of heights and gets vertigo from it.
    • He discovered this after bungee jumping for the first time.

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