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These Puffles Belong to Corai



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Not to be confused with Terry Van Furry

Terry Giasto is a young puffle, with the age of 16 who is the mortal enemey of Surray.

Terry was a only child, compared to Surray and Gruff. His childhood was much more happy then Surray. He was tended to leave home and just go do things no one thinks of. He rana way from home at a early age so he could find a penguin to be adopted by, lucky for Terry that he met Corai in the first day.

He and Surray have a tendecy to fight, Gruff tends to enjoy wtaching these fights, despite the fact that Surray usally wins.

Terry also has a liking to military and weaponary, and he is capable of surpior combat naturally, compare dto Surray. Unforntuly, Terry is a weakling, even that geek is stronger! Pathetic...


Artist is the somewhat evil brother of Surray and Gruff, also JayJay. Artist is also a prankster, which is rare in the Yishran family. Very rare.

Artist, like his two brothers and Sister, he wasnt ALWAYS evil. Once Surray turned evil, and later JayJay, soon came Evil Artist. Like the shame of the fmaily, he was a prankster. However he pranked to spread evil.

Artist tends to prank anyone he sees, especially Gruff and Surray. Which annoys many. some even went to a point of throwing them in a closet.


JayJay Yishran is a lovable, yet evil puffle. Soon after Surray was born, JayJay was born. She, like most of her family was PURE EVIL! However, JayJay never did evil things. She started doing mean things instead, like making Terry's days miserable (Much more succesful then Surray!) or trying to torture the disgrace of the family.


"No you stupid green puffle, I will not do a "trick" because I'm an orange puffle.
— Oble

Oble is an Orange Puffle that is almost a clone of Surray! They both even like wrenches, for some reason. He is the apprentice of Surray, thus he is evil. He has poor relations with much of his family due to his color. Sounding familiar yet?

Oble was born along with JayJay, in generation Z. He was never a "happy puffle", unlike Gruff. He got along with his siblings for awhile, but later when Gruff left his relations severed. He only had one real friend left, Surray. This helped him turn evil and to stop being the Zany orange puffle he was before. He started being the smart, evil puffle Surray was. He was hated by many people, just like Surray was. He was adopted by Corai later in his life. Corai just adores him!


  • Terry and Gruff are good friends, possibly because they both hate Surray
  • Terry has a tendecy to protect Surray sometimes-I mean A LOT.
  • Artist is the only prankster Docter Surray does not hate, possibly cause Artist does evil through his pranks.
  • Artist and Gruff constantly prank each togher.
  • Artist loves the Piano, but cannot play it. At all.
  • Artist is the third to have the Artist name in Yishran. Much like Surray is the second to have Surray, WAIT WHERES MORE THEN ONE SURRAY ALIVE?!? AND THERES THREE ARTIST?!?
  • Skull calls Artist "yellow puffle" as having a strong dislike for him.
  • JayJay's favorite brother is Surray.
  • JayJay, like Bellina, acts cute and innocent around people but is evil. Surray does this as well.
  • Xinston once kicked JayJay and she landed in a bucket of nails. OUCH!!!
  • Oble's reactions to being asked to do a trick is much like Paul von Injoface's reactions.
  • Oble tends to use either use his teeth or his wrench in combat, (i.e. whacking or biting).


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