Jazzy and Clubby

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Jazzy and Clubby
Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 11.20.53 AM.png
DUHN DUHN DUHN!!!!!!!!!!
Title Miss
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Location Their bedrooms, Fanatic Family Igloo, Club Penguin
Occupation Pranksters
Interests Pranking Railfan1, Pink stuff
Archetype Kinda good kinda evil

Jasmine Pepper Pippy-Fanatic and Clubby Sky Pippy-Fanatic the 71693st are Railfan's identical, adopted, twin prankster sisters.


They were found on the Fanatic family igloo doorstep in a pink basket with a tag on Clubby saying "Clubby Sky Pippy the 71693st" and a tag on Jazzy saying "Jasmine Pepper Pippy ". They were adopted as the Pippy-Fanatics. After they were adopted, they loved to mess with furniture and toys. When they reached age three, they accidentally spilt water on Railfan1's head. They thought it was hysterical. Now, they are devoted to pranking him.

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