Jedi Redoubt

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Jedi Redoubt
Key details
Type Jedi Hideout
Location Mt. Verns, Portal Island
Inhabitants Jedi (Formerly)
The Ed

The Jedi Redoubt is a secret Jedi temple located near the peak of Mt. Verns on Portal Island.


The Redoubt was founded by members of the Jedi Order in the waning days of the High Penguin Confederacy in order to store much of Order's important knowledge and artifacts. During the Khanzem War, important Jedi relics and objects from across Antarctica were stored away in the Redoubt with the intent that they would be used to rebuild the Order in the future.

Following the war, Jedi Master Garlil Jaeror remained the sole occupant of the Redoubt. Feeling immense guilt over the loss of his Padawan, he closed himself off from the Force leading other survivors such as Yed'ah to believe him dead and the Redoubt lost.

The Ed traveled to the Redoubt in late 2012 in order to speak with Master Jaeror, staying with the Jedi for over two years. During this time he learned much about the Jedi and the nature of the Force despite not being Force-sensitive himself. Shortly before Master Jaeror's passing, Ed was given ownership and stewardship of the Redoubt in order to protect its secrets from discovery and abuse. Despite Ed discovering that his close friend Penquino is a Jedi Master, he decided against disclosing the location of the Redoubt as he feared the reborn Order would fall as in the Khanzem War.

Sometime in 2019, Ed discovered a secret vault that had been built over within the Redoubt containing a number of Veil Society artifacts. Ed soon made it his goal to lock away powerful arcane artifacts in the Redoubt to prevent their abuse throughout Antarctica.


After the Shops Civil War and rebuilding of the Jedi Order openly in Antarctica, Ed finally revealed the Redoubt to Penquino. While initially frustrated that Ed hid the trove of knowledge from him for over a decade, Penquino was thankful that much of the secret Jedi knowledge remained intact and could be used to teach the next generation along with holocron lessons created by Master Jaeror.

With the construction of a secure vault under the rebuilt Jedi Temple, the Redoubt was once again abandoned with Ed as its sole occupant.

During his term as chancellor of the Shops Union, Ed would once again help the Jedi by establishing the order as an official group of peacekeepers within the Union.


Contained in a cave system near the peak of Mt. Verns, the Jedi Redoubt is a relatively small temple and does not possess many amenities that a larger temple would possess.


Sleeping quarters for Jedi staying in the Redoubt.

Training Room[edit]

Similar to the Dojo and features chambers for lightsaber sparring and other Jedi training.


A small hangar for Delta fighters exists, which launches through a large waterfall on the side of the mountain.


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