Jen Hun

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Jen Hun
Jen Hun.png
Whoever she is.
Title Princess
Gender Female
Race Hunguin
Faction Ben Hun's sister.
Health Good
Level High
Status Working or Exploring
Location Hunston

Jen Hun is currently the youngest member of the Hun Family, whose personality is very similar to her older brother Ben. Since 2012, she has been the Prime Minister of the HunEmpire, chosen for the position by her oldest brother, the Emperor.


Early Years[edit]

Jen Hun hatched in 1993 on Awesome Island, in the Hun Archipelago. Jen spent a lot of time with her mother until she was eight, when her mother unexpectedly passed away. After that, she began to learn to take care of herself. While her oldest brother Fredric was unknowingly being prepared to become Emperor, Jen spent a lot of time with her other brother, Ben, and started exploring with him when she was ten. They explored most of Awesome Island together, before sailing to other places to explore, often with Ben's Puffles Shine and Brain. When she was thirteen, the two made a trip to Club Penguin, where Ben managed to find Pen Chi's secret Dojo and become a Ninja. Ben refused to tell her where the Dojo was, and after that incident she became very interested in Ninjas. A year later, her father revealed to her and her two brothers that he was the Emperor of the HunEmpire, shortly before he passed away.

Adult Life[edit]


She has a few weaknesses, everyone does.

  • She is jealous of Ben Hun.
  • She's weakened by carrots.





  • She has one rare puffle, Gleam, a rainbow puffle.
  • She has a dojo on Awesome Island but never comes there much.
  • She doesn't owns Awesome Island as in Robert Hun's will it was left to only Ben but he allows her to stay there as she is family.
  • She hates chocolate milkshakes.
  • She likes time travel.
  • She likes Kwiksilver.
  • Her favorite colors are Pink and Gold.
  • When not in the HunEmpire she's most likely exploring new places in Antarctica although shes not near as good an explorer as Ben.
  • Dara wants to be her friend but shes terrified of Dara cause of her....reactions to Corai's Friends who are girls.

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