Jenni von Injoface

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Jenni von Injoface
Title Wife of Chuck von Injoface
Gender Female
Race Puffles
Faction Von Injoface Family
Health Good
Level 4
Status Living with her Family
Location Flywish

Not to be confused with Jenni, Jenni X or Jenny von Injoface.

Jenni von Injoface is the wife of Chuck von Injoface, and the mother of Label von Injoface and Rick von Injoface.


Jenni wasn't always a von Injoface. She grew up as a beautiful puffle. Then when she was 40, She met Chuck von Injoface. Then they had a daughter named Label. They cared for her very well. 22 years later, she had a son named Richard. They raised him pretty well until he started pranking others. Then every time he pranked them, They would ground him. So he was grounded a lot. Luckily, they never had penguins like Flywish, their owner, torture him because everytime Rick pranked him, he would laugh.


She is currently owned by Flywish. She hates Jenni because Jenni is WishFlyX's puffle and she despises any criminals.


  • Flywish is her owner along with her husband Chuck.
  • She loves screaming stuff at Winston. Mostly stuff that should never be repeated.
  • Xinston once kicked her, but she didn't get hurt.
  • She used to be a Mwa Mwa Puffle.

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