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Jedi Knights, Jerdi
A Jedi Master with his lightsaber and his robe.
Name Jedi Knights, Jerdi
Type Peacekeepers
Location anywhere
Head unknown
Job to keep the peace
Members unknown
Headquarters Allegedly Shops Island (it used to be near modern day South Pole City)

Jedi, also known as Jerdi by some, are peacekeeping knights who have learned to harness the powers of Telekinesis (known by them as "The Force"). Jedi have been in an ongoing battle with the Sith since they have existed. Armed with Keysabers and enhanced agility, they can do major damage to their foes. Nevertheless, they follow a strict code of conduct of peace and justice, and are sworn to only use their skills when they need to.


The Beginning[edit]

The Jedi Knights have existed LONG before Ninjas, Senseis, or Card-Jitsu. What is known is that the first Antarctic Jedis were Puffles. As for the origins of the Jedi, there are many rumors. Some believe that the first Jedi were just puffles with enhanced telekinesis powers, and over time they created everything about the Jedi and the Jedi Order- this is the most common rumor. Others believe that foreign creatures (creatures rumored in the past include Aliens, Walruses, and even Humans) taught the first Antarctic Jedi the ways of the Force and how to be Jedis.


The earliest known history of the Jedi is from around 500 BC, when the Land of Lord Guin fell. It is said that the Jedi Puffles were at least partly responsible for bringing the nation to an end. Between the Land of Lord Guin and the Babbelonian Empire, the Jedi created a council, and claimed an area of land as their own nation, so they could stay out of danger from all of the other nations. In addition, it served as their headquarters for peacekeeping between all of the groups fighting.

Unfortunately, the Babbelonians didn't care that the Jedi were trying to be peacekeepers. They invaded the small nation, and after a short war, overpowered and conquered the land. Due to the "powers" the Jedi had, and the influence they had in bringing down a 400 year old empire (Land of Lord Guin), Babbelonian King Neverforever ordered the execution of any Jedi that was seen and/or captured, forcing the Jedi Puffles to go into hiding. This led to them starting to wear cloaks, to disguise them from the populace who were trying to hunt them down. After that, cloaks permanently became a part of Jedi tradition and fashion.

It was also during this time that the first Sith emerged. As with the Jedi, the first Sith were puffles. However, they were simply Jedi turned evil. After the Babbelonians captured the Jedi who remained in their short lived nation, King Neverforever gave the captives a choice- be executed or work for him to find and kill Jedi. Many refused and were killed, but there were a few who agreed to work for the King. They spent years in re-education camps to make sure their loyalties lied with the king and the empire, which eventually made them corrupt. In addition, the color of their lightsabers was changed to red, the Empire's national color.

1-999 AD[edit]

Shortly after the Penguin Empire formed, many puffle Jedi met up, and they soon realized that the Jedi Order would be extinguished or the honor would be ridiculed with the coming "domestication". As such, they decided it was time to teach penguins the ways of the Force, since the force resides in all creatures. After a few hundred years the Jedi had moved to the High Penguin Clan territory, so that the number of penguin Jedi could rise. Over time, High Penguin slaves in the Penguin Empire started disappearing in alarming numbers, and the Sith (whose corruption had also expanded to penguins) determined it to be the Jedi. The Jedi and Sith became known enemies, and had fought for centuries. Eventually the Jedi, once again a public force (who was now allied with the High Penguin Clan), also helped in the destruction of the Penguin Empire.

Once the High Penguin Confederacy came around, the Jedi no longer publicly supported the High Penguins due to their enslavement procedures for "normal" penguins, however both parties honored the truce they had while fighting the Penguin Empire. This included letting the Jedi build temples wherever they wanted, as well as not enslaving any "normal penguins" and puffles that were Jedi. Over the years, the Jedi and the HPC kept each other in quite good positions. As a sign of their friendship, and a repayment for the Jedi's help in destroying the Penguin Empire and the freeing of all HP slaves, the HPC started a campaign to eliminate the Sith. The campaign, which officially ended around 900 AD, wiped out almost all of the Sith. Since their greatest enemy was now eradicated (or so they thought), the Jedi started to focus on peacekeeping and expanding the Order.

1000-1999 AD[edit]

Unfortunately, the terrible relationship between the Jedi and the Sith would be what caused both of their dooms. Although the Jedi thought they had eradicated their enemies, the truth is they had only went into hiding (like the Jedi had after the Land of Lord Guin fell). Over 1000 years, the Sith remained in hiding, for fear of the powerful Jedi, and the even more powerful High Penguin Confederacy having another campaign to wipe them out for good. This era ended with the Khanzem War, when the Sith went on a campaign to eliminate the Jedi with the help of Whoot Smackler Whoot. Even though the Jedi Order had grown for 1000 years, becoming a symbol in Antarctica for freedom and peace, they soon fell to their unforeseen enemies. The Sith had planned their revenge for centuries, and now they had it. While the Good Guys were busy fighting Whoot's forces, the Sith strategically brought down almost every Jedi Temple and Jedi Knight in Antarctica, causing the Order to go into chaos. They were forced to go into exile once again, after a millennia of being in the spotlight, to keep the order alive. Luckily for the Order, a year before the war ended, Whoot betrayed the Sith, and had them wiped out as well (forcing them into hiding too), or else they could have very well taken over all of Antarctica. After all remaining Jedi were forced into exile, the Jedi Council was disbanded, and most Jedi lost contact with each other. Soon after, the only thing that remained were rumors and legends.

In 1996, a Jedi hiding in Ed Island was hunted down and killed by the Ed Island military, and his lightsaber was captured and used in the study into creating a bladed energy weapon. Two years later, the research led to the creation of the Keysaber, essentially a modernized lightsaber using plasma batteries instead of a crystal. The Jedi's body was also kept by Ed Laboratories and put into cryo storage for future studies into the Jedi themselves.


A small band of Jedi were seen aiding Flywish's Army in the Great Wishing Hun Conflict, to combat the Sith that had sided with Ben Hun.

In the first half of 2012, Penquino began training as a Jedi under the teacher of his Battle Class at Penguin University, who was secretly a Jedi himself, though he was just a chick at the time of the Khanzem War. After a little more than a year of training to be a Jedi, Penquino's master unofficially gave him the title of Master, something very few creatures had obtained in the past century.

After Penquino earned the title of Jedi Master, he built a secret Jedi temple somewhere in Southern Shops Island, with former Grand Master Yed'ah's permission, officially re-establishing the Jedi Order. It is currently the largest known collective group of Jedi in Antarctica (though, they are still technically in hiding). Penquino and Jedi friends in other locations seek out beings that they think are good-hearted and ready to learn the ways of the "Force" (must be force-sensitive, obviously). If they accept, the new padawans move to Shops Island, where they will live and train in the Jedi Temple. If and when they achieve Knighthood, each Jedi has the choice to either stay at the temple to continue their training, or move back to their previous home (where they can go in search of new padawans if they choose to do so).


The Jedi Order won't reveal themselves to the public until the year 2026. Over the next decade, numerous Jedi Temples were built in other nations, though Snowzerland and Darth Swissius became a huge threat to the order's stability. Luckily, his focus was on the rest of Antarctica, and the Anti-Swiss Ninja Alliance.

Sometime in the future, the Jedi rediscovered the lost art of producing Holocrons and begin chronicling the history of the Order since the last ones were produced.


  • Keysaber - The ultimate and most common weapon among Jedi, Keysabers are an extremely useful device in the right flippers (or claws, or... you get the point). They are used for self defence and fighting, where they can melt or disintegrate bullets, and cut straight through swords, guns, etc. However, they can also be used for light, or to cut through just about anything.
  • Keysabers are enhanced Lightsabers. Lightsabers were invented by the jedi nearly 2,000 years ago. Up until the keysaber's creation in 1998, the lightsaber was the normal weapon of the jedi (and sith). Many jedi that survived the Khanzem War still have lightsabers.
  • "The Force" (Telekinesis) - This is the centerpiece of any Jedi's lifestyle. The Jedi can manipulate "The Force" by pushing, pulling or throwing animate and inanimate objects, tricking weak-minded enemies (called the Jedi Mind Trick), and various other things. In fact, some Jedi have even used "The Force" to control the elements! A Jedi becomes stronger and more knowledgeable with the force by meditating, and giving it lots of practice (manipulating items and such).
  • Although not traditional weapons, the Jedi also have access to some air and spacecraft. Once labelled a Knight, a Jedi is automatically assigned to their own fighter and ID call (i.e. Bravo 1). Some of these craft include the P-23 Virus, Iceheed P-22s, Snowing CH-49s, IG-791 Oppressors, and possibly some Actis and Lancer spacecraft.


Please note that these are the "ranks" and training used in the Shops Island temple, as that is the only known official jedi training ground in Antarctica.


Younglings are somewhat rare, however their numbers are increasing. Younglings are force sensitive children (young crabs, chicks, etc.) who are brought to the Jedi Temple to live and train. They are brought by the Jedi who discover them, after they received the parent's permission (the Jedi aren't chicknappers); or that is the case for most younglings. However, the term "youngling" describes any new jedi that is in their childhood (the age varies among species). The younglings are taught directly by members of the Jedi Council, and use beginner Keysabers to train with rather than normal Keysabers. When younglings are mature enough to become padawans, they must first complete the "youngling training course", which tests everything that the younglings are supposed to have learned.


Padawans are less experienced jedi that are just past their childhood years. Most new jedi recruits are given the title of padawan immediately rather than youngling (because they are past childhood years). Younglings are also given the title of padawan right after they leave the chick stage and successfully complete the "youngling training course". Every jedi from the padawan stage and higher use standard Keysabers to train with. Jedi also build their very own Keysaber while they are padawans, and will eventually use it in combat or on missions after they achieve knighthood.


Padawans are awarded the title of "Jedi Knight" after they have been a padawan for a specified amount of time (usually 8 months-1 year), and after they have proven to the Jedi Council that they are ready for knighthood by passing the "Jedi Trials". Most jedi are in this "stage", and only become masters after they have proven themselves in a series of tests and missions. While there is no specified limit on how long a Jedi must be Knight before becoming a Master, it is usually a long time. It could be anywhere from a year, to a decade, to even their whole life! It all depends on what they do as a Jedi, and how they do it.


There are only a few Jedi Masters left in Antarctica. Most current masters are remaining jedi from before the Khanzem War, but they are quite useless except for teaching because of their ages. In addition, all of the Jedi Council members are masters.

However, the number of Jedi Masters is rising very slowly.

Jedi Temples[edit]

A future temple.

Traditionally, the Jedi had lived in large complexes known as temples. The Jedi temples were where many Jedi lived and trained for most of their lives. These temples also flourished in the practice of martial arts and warfare, since many Ninjas also visited and traded ideas with the Jedi. Jedi temples were extremely elaborate in appearance and were once commonplace across the Antarctic mainland. However, during the Babelonnean Empire, Jedi puffles were forced to scatter, leaving their temples abandoned. In later ages, the Jedi lived on their own among other penguins and puffles or in solitude in the deep wilderness.

Many Jedi puffles taught the first penguin Jerdi during the Penguin Empire, and the Jedi population grew, though they continued to be rather scattered. Few temples were built or restored, until the High Penguin Confederacy. By the time the Khanzem War started, Jedi Temples were once again commonplace across Antarctica. By the end of the Sith and Naughtzee campaign to destroy the Jedi, almost all of the temples had been abandoned and destroyed, and most of the former inhabitants had been deleted or killed. Ever since, few Temples have been built or restored.

A Jedi Temple Guard, specially trained jedi which could often be found in within temples acting as it's security force.

However, with the restoration of the Jedi Order in the 2000s, more and more temples were being constructed over time. The greatest expansion since the HPC occurred from the 2000s to the 2100s, after the Jedi had been exposed to the world (in the late 2020s), and after the destruction of the Darth Cube.

Being the home and base for multiple Jedi means that a Temple is usually pretty large, and is commonly split into different "areas". Usually, one area is dedicated for housing. Another area of the temple is dedicated for "combat" space, such as aircraft hangars and Keysaber training grounds. A third area is usually dedicated to "learning" purposes- a grand library, school study classes, meditation halls, etc.

Some temples, often known as "hubs", mainly focus on one area of skill, such as agriculture. They residents of that temple will be able to learn and train as members of other temples would, but they usually forfeit combat areas in favor of agricultural grounds. These "hubs" are useful for all of the temples around Antarctica, because they provide for everyone else (for example, the agricultural "hubs" usually provide food for all Temples). Also, similar to "foreign exchange" students, Jedi from temples can be transferred to a certain hub for a period of time to help work, or do everything that the hub has to offer.

A Jedi Temple doesn't even have to be one large building, the term "Jedi Temple" may refer to an open area of land with various buildings and facilities on it. Here is a list of known temples from the past, or those that will be built in the future, in order of establishment:

Location Established Destroyed/Abandoned Notes
South Pole City Unknown 1915 Former Jedi Headquarters, until the Khanzem War
Mt. Verns, Portal Island Unknown
  • Jedi Redoubt formerly operated by Master Garlil Jaeror
  • Currently under protection of The Ed who keeps its location a secret.
Southern Shops Island 2013 2026 Jedi Headquarters
Moon Island City, Moon Island 2018
  • Built with Djf's help and approval.
  • Abandoned shortly after the War started; raided and destroyed by Shopper troops shortly after.
  • Rebuilt in 2028 on the original temple grounds.
Eastern Shops Island 2026 Small training facility
United States of Antarctica 2027 Headquarters after the Shops Civil War
Lakeland, Freezestonia 2029
  • Agricultural hub
Castilla 2033


Most nations and individuals only know rumors of the "Old Jedi Order", and think they are extinct. As such, most individuals have no relationship with or opinion of the Jedi (or Sith for that matter).



Notable Jedi[edit]

  • Axe Pingu - A former member of the Jedi Council, and a legend of the "Old Jedi Order".
  • Fisch Hochstadt - A Jedi in training, still. His Jedi skills will come in handy for the future for he will be battling a nasty Sith.
  • Fly-Gong Yinn - One of the greatest and most influential Jedi of the past millennium. He was Obi-Wan Sensei's Master.
  • Jack Heckson - A Jedi Knight. He's the Head Librarian in the Shops Jedi Temple. Jack advocates for peace and spent his time meditating, getting more knowledge and getting stronger in the Force.
  • Kamen Woof - A former member of the Jedi Council.
  • Luke Seafloater - A Jedi legend, who contributed to the HPC Serth extermination greatly, and was believed to be the first penguin in history to go to space.
  • Mcdonalds394 - Becomes a Jedi in the near future.
  • Obi-Wan Sensei - A great warrior and Jedi Master who saw his prime before the destruction of the Jedi. He was the apprentice of Fly-Gong Yinn. He went into hiding after the Khanzem War, but re-appeared during the Star War to help the Club Penguin rebels fight Darth Herbert and the Empire.
  • Penquino - A Jedi who earned his title in 2013.
  • Quackerpingu
  • Soakerpingu
  • Ray Montarius - A great Jedi master and a good friend of Obi-Wan Sensei who also fought in the Khanzem War. He disappeared from civilization after the Sith outnumbered him and his other fellow Jedi during a failed attempt to defend a Jedi Temple. He is still alive, but it is unknown where he is (believed to be in the Trans-Antarctican mountains) and only discloses his location to those he trusts. He still keeps in touch with other exiled Jedi.
  • Thu'um Siderius (Pronounced THOOM SID-DEER-IUS) - A wise, kind, centuries-old Valnorian High Penguin who is currently a librarian and the head historian at the Jedi Temple. She has become frail in her older age and has silvery-white hair, but is still imposing at her height of five feet, four inches tall.
  • Yed'ah - The greatest Jedi of all time. He is almost 1000 years old, and is believed to still be in hiding somewhere.
  • Garlil Jaeror - A Jedi Master from the days of the Khanzem War who maintained the Jedi Redoubt on Portal Island in an attempt to keep the knowledge of the Jedi Order alive.

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Traditionally, Jerdi wear brown, tan or black cloaks with blue, brown, tan, or black robes and a blue or green Keysaber. They also wear normal clothes and wigs if they're after a Serth. However, in recent years, Jerdi have just been wearing regular, casual clothing to blend in with the general public since they are not well known anymore.



  • It is believed that the Three Masters made Card-Jitsu after being inspired by a Jerdi, others say that the Three Masters were Jerdi themselves, but it is unconfirmed if it is true.
  • Jedi are still in existence today, but are in hiding.
  • Many small groups of Jedi are known to still exist, the largest of them being the group on Shops Island, the official re-establishment of the Jedi Order.

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