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Jessica image.PNG
The chick who may have the biggest pigtails in Antarctica
Title Chick with biggest pigtails
Gender female
Race Penguin
Faction Good guys, just like her mom, Maddie.
Health Fantastic
Level 2
Status Alive, Chick
Location With Maddieworld
Birth date September 5, 2008

Jessica (formerly known as plain Jessie) has the biggest pigtails in Antarctica. She is a female chick and is Maddieworld's adopted daughter.


Jessie was laid in the warm hatchery, but when she was laid, her parents said to the doctors that they cannot take care of her. She was put in the special adoption hatchery with all the other chicks and children. (note she acts like a Mwa Mwa but she isn't) A few months later, she hatched and escaped from the hospital to find a family of her own. She ended up spotted by Maddieworld and got taken back to the hospital. Jessie though that she was taken back to be returned, but she was adopted by Maddie. Maddie's parents are very proud that they have a grandchild.


Jessica is known to have the biggest pigtails in Antartica, and she currently lives in the Keukenhof Castle. She might not have the biggest PIGTAILS when she grows up, probably the biggest hair.


  • Jessie is good friends with Alexander, Baby N., and Blizzard.
  • She is thought to have a long lost sister, Jennie.
  • Since she is so rich and the daughter of Maddie, she is known as the governor of Misty Island.
  • She once ate an Oxipie, and it made her temporarily grow ten feet tall.
  • She has an evil adoptive sister named Bellina.
  • Her stepfather, Swiss Ninja says, "Even though you are not really of our blood, I would like to tell you that if Griante is unable to succeed me in the throne, you are next in line."
  • She likes Edward.

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