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Roger Jett Powers
Title 2x Elite Terrainian Wrestling Antarctic Champion
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Elite Terrainian Wrestling
Health Great
Level 87
Status Fighting Champion
Location UnitedTerra
Birth date January 11th, 1993
Place of birth Brawltimore, Garyland
Occupation Professional Wrestler
Employer Graham Barbetta
Salary $200 per show + merchandise royalties ($5 Per Shirts)
Height 3'7
Interests Pro Wrestling, Parkour
Strengths High-Flying
Weaknesses Lifting and Slamming
Friends Balavan Hackett, Dev Mitchell
Enemies Everyone in the locker room
Archetype Good
Signature [

Jett Powers (born Roger Jett Powers; January 11th 1993) is a Professional Wrestler who has worked for DNA Wrestling, Garyland State Wrestling, Ligurian Nonstop Wrestling, and is currently signed to Elite Terrianian Wrestling. He is a 2 time ETW Champion, a 3 time ETW tag team champion, a 1 time DNA Wrestling World Champion, and a 1 time GSW Light-Heavyweight Champion. He also won the Pro Wrestling Scoop's "High-Flyer of the Year Award" 3 years in a row (2011, 2012, 2013).


Jett Powers was born on January 11th, 1993 to Kip and Maude Powers. His dad was already a wrestler who everyone called "Killer" Kip Powers. Kip wasn't very popular, but loved Wrestling so much that he would keep doing it. Jett would always watch CPWE shows with his dad and ask him how they are able to withstand all this pain. He would simply respond "Years of practice son, years of practice." As he began to go to school, he began to get made fun of for being one of the shorter penguins. After a month or two, he asked his dad to teach him how to wrestle. They would practice for hours and always play-fight. However, unlike his dad, Jett was never able to get his flippers as big and strong as his dad's. He had strong feet though. After taking gymnastics for three years, he ended up being able to do all kinds of flips he was never able to do before.



  • He is loosely based off of the wrestlers Sami Zayn/El Generico, and Neville/Pac.

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