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She seems like such a nice penguin.
Title Diseased One, Excellent Singer, Kind
Gender Female
Race Gentoo penguin
Faction Sick
Health Low
Level Low
Status Barely alive
Location Here, there, everywhere
Occupation Student, being deathly sick
Interests Music
Friends Billybob, Rocket Slug
Enemies Three wastes of makeup
Archetype Good

Jillymob is a red-headed musician afflicted with the typically fatal Team Blue Disease. She is Billybob's younger sister. She began to sing when she was 9 years old, then cut the act short due to the complications of her condition.


Jilly was born a normal chick into a normal family with a normal life. But that all changed when she turned ten. Somehow and somewhere, she had been exposed to a fatal disease called "Team Blue Disease". Her parents were worried sick-the worst they had seen on their chicks was "Scootapox"-and had no idea where to turn to until Billybob was able to recognize the symptoms and help his sister, but he unfortunately could not find a cure.

After a proper medicine treatment ("to calm the symptoms," a doctor once said) and inhalers, Jillymob was enrolled in Penguin Academy. She immediately met three students there. Acting welcoming, she attempted to befriend them, but the three joined in mocking her, giving her nicknames like "Germymob" or "JillyDisease". This brought down the poor girl's self-esteem, which was indeed the goal of the three vicious girls.


While Billybob is well, Jilly has Team Blue Disease, which is extremely fatal and difficult to take care of. Fortunately, Billybob is one of the only people that is able to take care of her properly, and continue his job ruling over Club Penguin and all of its glory.


Studio albums[edit]


  • She has speech problems, such as stuttering and a lisp.
  • She always wears a doctor's mask around her beak.
  • She used to be a Team Green fan, until she caught her disease and was thereby forced (kind of) to become a Team Blue fan.
  • She is an excellent singer whose talent is often ignored due to her condition.

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