Jimmy Blond

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Jimmy Blond
The name's Blond. Jimmy Blond.
Title Jimmy Blond
Gender Male
Race Dark Penguin
Faction Ninja, EPF Agent, Terranian, Good Guys, and awesome.
Health Great
Status Alive
Location Probably kicking somebody's butt.
Occupation Agent
Interests Owning, Card-Jitsu, shooting, blasting, kicking, beating up Snoss, being cool
Friends Ninjinian, Gary, Jet Pack Guy, EPF
Enemies Snoss. TaliBEAN. RDA.
Archetype Hero

Jimmy Blond is a notorious secret agent who works for the Puffish branch of the EPF. He has a very slick personality and is one of the most elite agents in Antarctica. He is also very good friends with Jet Pack Guy.



Jimmy Blond is one of the EPF's most prolific agents, and arguably the most notable from the Puffish branch altogether. His high-profile actions for the EPF have often garnered international attention due to his bravery and sometimes outlandish acts. His wide array of specialty equipment provided to him by Agent "R", the EPF's Puffish technological lead, also helps his case. Agent Blond has become something of a role model to many junior agents across Antarctica, even those outside of the EPF.

Blond is often renowned for mixing old and new styles of espionage together, and is not above playing dirty tricks to accomplish his missions. He often takes on the role of a player to acquire information from enemy spies of the opposite gender, and can sometimes be quite brutal in his tactics, often killing his opponents before asking questions.





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