Jing Jongs

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Mr. Jing Jongs Zuavisti
Hmn... Jing Jongs' Money
Title Jing Jongs
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Ruler
Health Unknown
Level 12 (Aged 40)
Status Alive, Unknown
Location Jing Jongs Island

Jing Jongs (Monarch Status)
Jing Jongs
Coronation 1985
Full name Mr. Jing Jongs Zuavisti
Titles Jing the Jongs
Born 20 November 1968
Birthplace Further north of Jing Jongs Island
Died Not dead
Place of death Not dead
Buried Should be the Jing Jongs Cemetery
Predecessor -Incumbent-
Voting None
Successor -Incumbent-
Consort He is single
Offspring None Yes
Royal House Royal Palace of The Island Republic of Jing Jongs
Dynasty Jing Jongs Dynasty
Royal anthem O Jing Jongs
Royal motto Colonize and retreat!
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Not to be confused with Jing Jongs Island
Jing "Jongs" Zuavisti, also known as Jing Jongs, (20 November 1968-) is the founder of Jing Jongs Island and ruler to this day.


Jing Jongs did not tell the press much about his past, nor did anyone knew. The only thing the press knew is his mother died of diesease and his father died of old age when he was young. Penguins also remembered that he opened a small fish shop selling fish and lemonade brought in from MAI when his father was still alive. Penguins only knew of him when he was around his 20s. That decade, he set off to find more lemons . However, the wind direction turned and since his boat was light, the wind changed the boat's direction and it crashed into an island no one knew about. He then settled there and called it his home. Also, the island was submerged into a kingdom above it.

At the predicted age of 25, he made the Emblem of Jing Jongs, which became famous all over the island he settled, Jing Jongs Island. He was pleased.

After many years, he finnally had his island under Eastshield's control. He is now the island or state ruler and wishes to improve the island's economy.


Jing Jongs is a lemonade seller in the 70's. He then became an explorer in his 80's and currently the ruler of the island. He is also featured on the movie Jing Jongs: Ruler and Explorer. Also, a book was written with the same name as the movie, just that they changed "Ruler" to "King". He is involved Mission 10 as a lemondade seller as you travel to Jing Jongs Island and meet his past.


  • Jing Jongs found out he had a relation with Mabel during his visit to South Pole City and CP Isle in USA. He kissed her by accident (when Mabel was about to perform the "burn Explorer" trick) during the "Most Ridiculous Contest" in 2006 at the Lighthouse. He loved Mabel from then on and will soon apply for the MMK.

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