Jing Jongs Island

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Jing Jongs Island
Jing Jongs.png
The flag of the island.
Country Eastshield, USA
Area Unknown
Monuments Unknown
Headquarters The Municipal Town Office
Neighbourhoods Jing Jongs City, Sir Harold's Beachems, forest overgrowth
Mayor Jing Jongs
Population Unknown
rank by 2009 12,000,000
Inhabited species Penguins
General information
Native name Il Jinjon
Foreign name Harold Sendiments Islet, Jinjon
Demonym Jinjonian
Founded 1987
– Founder Jing Jongs
Area codes 6245

Jing Jongs Island is an island located west of Weddell and part of the Eastshield state of the USA. It ws originally a kingdom on its own, but was annexed by the USA in 2002. The capital of the island, and the only city/town in the island, is Jing Jongs City. As of the 2010 census, 1.5 million penguins and registered citizens live in the island, compared to 750,000 in 2007.

Jing Jongs Island is notable for its flagship broadcaster, Jing Jongs Channel, that is broadcast to the whole of the USA. It is also known for its beaches (known collectively as Sir Harold's Beachems) and the fact that it was (almost) devestated by Hurricane Diana.

The island is named after the famed Jing Jongs, who founded the island and is mayor and South Pole Council representitive to this day.


Even though the name Jing Jongs Island stuck with the island since its foundation, the Eniox-Korean name for the island when part of the Eniox Kingdom (part of the Three Kingdoms of Weddell) was Il Jin Jon. Il is the name given to islands in Eniox-Korean.

In 1995, the Penguinian community recognized the island and gave it the name Jinjonlend, based on the Eniox-Korean name given. When the Eniox Kingdom invasion came, the Eniox-Korean name for the island became Il Enux Jyongyun. The island was renamed Il Tenuyun after the merger, and with the following merger a year later, the island was renamed Il Jinjyun.

The island had other names. Harold Sendiments Islet, as it was once called during the filming of Tension 6, was popular throughtout the late 1990s. Monieton was the alleged French name for the island, whilst チスチリトクキヒリレハ was the name given by the Japanese of Japania. Among other cultures, Jinjon would be used to describe the island.


Sir Jing Jongs discovered the island after sailing the northern seas in 1987. A fishing settlement, which would be the current Jing Jongs Town, was founded. Jing Jongs governed the area until it was annexed by a larger kingdom (Eniox Kingdom) in 1992. The fishing settlement slowly transformed into a town. Jing Jongs still governed the island, though.

In 1999, Eniox Kingdom was about to be conquered into the larger and more powerful the Tenox Kingdom, both kingdoms in debt at the time. All the penguins from the main Eniox Kingdom island fled to Jing Jongs. Eventually, Eniox was merged into Tenox. The following year, the Tenox Kingdom and the neighboring Heox Kingdom merged. The new kingdom, known as the Weddell Kingdom, was still in debt. In 2001, the kingdom was finally annexed into the USA, along with Jing Jongs Island. Jing Jongs Island joined Eastshield, while the the other islands remain in the Weddell state.

In 2003, Hurricane Diana smashed into the island. Thankfully, penguins from Jing Jongs Town were evacuated to a beach far from the impact zone. Jing Jongs Town was only somewhat hit, and the town took a year to rebuild.

In 2004, an independent company formerly based in mainland Eastshield started Jing Jongs Channel, which, alongside tourism, would become a source for economical growth.


The island, about the size of South Pole City, has only one city - Jing Jongs City. This covers almost half of the island excluding the beaches. The beaches, known as Sir Harold's Beachems, are located on the northeastern, southeastern and western parts of the island. The rest are forests overgrow with trees. Rumors spread that sorcery is practiced in there.

File:JJ Channel.jpg
Jing Jongs Channel, by independent company in Eastshield.

Governing body[edit]

Transportation and communication in Jing Jongs Island is controlled by the mayor, Jing Jongs. Several laws have been modified in Jing Jongs Island. Internal economical affairs are handled by Jing Jongs Island, too. Everything else is controlled by the South Pole Council and the USA.



Although Jing Jongs City is a small port town, more than 5000 tonnes of cargo are brought in and out everyday, with all of them being accessed through the Forestine Port in the west of Jing Jongs Island (so, what about the city?). Among the 5000 tonnes of cargo, 95% of cargo are exports - timber is the only major export. The forests are not preserved by the USA.

Internal economical state[edit]

Jing Jongs City is a year behind current trends in the USA. Snowtendo products would arrive a year late, icePhones very rare and Peach computers virtually inexistent. The only thing that is much available would include food and incoming tourists through cruise ships. Penguins don't mind their setback, claiming 'it was an almost-perfect life' there.



In Jing Jongs Island, only 63.5% of the population is made up of USA citizens. 29.9% of the total population lived there before the USA annexation, and 77.5% of the former population remained in Jing Jongs.

The list below is sorted by most percentage based on the 2009 census.


The native language of the island is Eniox-Korean, which only 12% of the populous usually speak as of 2010, compared to 68% in 1992. The most common languages spoken in Jing Jongs are USA English (36%), F.R. English (30%) and Korean (15%). The official language is USA English and Spanish (the latter being spoken usually by only 2%).

  • USA English (36%)
  • Free Republic English (30%)
  • Korean (15%)
  • Eniox-Korean (12%)
  • Enioxian (4%)
  • German/Spanish (2%)
  • Other (1%)



Jing Jongs is most known for its' flagship state channel, Jing Jongs Channel, broadcast to USA, UnitedTerra, Freezeland, Dorkugal and MAI audiences. For analog, the channel number is 27 in Jing Jongs. For digitial, the channel is 1 in Jing Jongs. Jings Jongs' channel network only consists of this, TBC News and an independent chicks' programming broadcaster.

There are only two radio stations broadcast to Jing Jong, one being Jing Jongs radio (owned by Jing Jongs Channel) and the other being one from Eastshield. The Club Penguin Times is the only newspaper available in Jing Jongs. There is no other form of communication otherwise.



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