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Jing Jongs Radio is the natioal radio broadcaster in Jing Jong Island. It is titled 1FM (Frequency Modulation) in the radio.


Jing Jongs Island has not much media technology over 1985-1996. When the republic moved, they needed to set up a radio station. The former radio provider has gone bankrupt before the move. Thus, a group of cheerful penguins, whom one is very talkative, formed the radio station. Later in the years, it is one of the best radio providers in USA during colonization.


Usually, during the morning, they have a program from 6AM to 10AM P.S.T. "Wake Up Radio!". It features oldies during the wee hours of the morning, followed by cuisine programmes during the 8AM breakfast time. They continue with the normal talking and items. (Lasts from 6-10)

Later, in the late morning, they feature songs played by the Furry Flats. Also, more talking. (10-1PM)

During the early afternoon, they feature children programmes and songs (for only 15 min). It lasts from 1-3. Due to that, the radio's popularity decreases by a quarter. Therefore, they decreased the time to 1 and a half hours and features more of the old age children programmes. (Lasts from 1-2.30) During the afternoon period, they feature mordern-aged songs. Ranging from the Rock n' Roll to the Pop music, and from Alternitive to Electronic, for all the teens who love music. (Lasts from 2.30-6)

During the night, they feature jazz, country and other gernes for penguins to leave the night out. The radio closes from 12AM. (Lasts from 6-12)

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