Jing Jongs Town

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Jing Jongs Town
Key details
Type Town
Level 1-100
Location Jing Jongs Island
Inhabitants Hundreds of Hundreds of Citizens

Jing Jongs Town is the island capital of Jing Jongs Island. Founded as a port town, it houses Jing Jongs' palace.


Jing Jongs Town was founded when Jing Jongs came to the island. He settled here an a small port city was made. He began to expend it around the east of the island. Now, it is a mini-metropolis for penguins who would like to fish.

Map and Places[edit]

File:Jing Jongs Map.jpg
Jing Jongs Town Map

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  • Fish
  • More Fish
  • Lots and lots of fish!
  • Buissness

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