Jock Hochstadt

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Jock Hochstadt
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A Viking Penguin and one of Swiss Ninja's biggest enemies.
Title Jock Hochstadt of Castilla and the PFLS.
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction He is a Viking Warrior.
Health Better than you.
Level 747
Status Active
Location lives in Toledo, Castilla, visits Liguria as well as Penguifornia
Birth date April 2, 1988
Occupation Viking Warrior, Admiral of the PFLS.
Interests Seafaring, Exploring, Warfare
Friends Piper, Corai, Fisch, Hochstadt Gang, Sensei, Rockhopper.
Enemies Swiss Ninja, Snowzerland, RDA, Hackers, Ally.
Archetype Good Guy

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Jock Hochstadt is the Younger Brother of Red River 2, Bonjie, and Fuut Ga as well as the uncle of Swiss Ninja, Clovis, Gaston, Fisch, Cheddar Ninja, and Corai. He is not a Jock. He is the second in command of the Hochstadt Gang, a proud Viking Warrior that fought several wars, and a humble servant to King Carlos Goberna of Castilla.


Jock was born on April 2, 1988 in Club Penguin. He never knew his father, since he had disappeared. Jock's mother, Alicia Hochstadt, had a busy job and often had Jock's great-grandfather babysit him for two years of his life. After Hung's alleged "death" in late 1990, Alicia and her newlywed husband were ushered to leave Club Penguin Island for mainland Antarctica. His mother moved to a small Municipality near Frostize, in the Viking Empire Area, and remarried a well known Viking captain. Since Jock was a Viking Penguin, his step-father decided to train him to be a Viking. He did well, and made his step-father proud. His father owned a large fleet of ships, and Jock would inherit it after his step-father's death, as what happened during the Great Snowzerland War I. Until he was two, his mother would bring him to see his Great Grandfather, Sensei Hung, who was always delighted to see his great-grandson. At the age of five, Jock was enlisted into the Viking Training Academy. However, in the middle of his childhood, Jock also joined the local Telenacle. He became a datacon after a few years. Nevertheless, he didn't foget his viking heritage, and did his viking training a lot as a adolescence. When the Colonial Antarctica War struck, Jock and his family immediately joined the war for the Revolutionists side. They won, and he and his step-father were war heroes. Like his father, Jock was able to create his own fleet and command it. As for the Telenacle business, Jock was also then promoted to a preist. The Independence of his country really made him an important figure. He was elected as the MegaBishop of the Viking Empire. He was also a fanatic in the GSWI, and led his troops into battle. Unfortunately, his step-father died in a ship battle. He mourned for him, but moved on, with a bigger fleet. Jock was so loyal to the telenacle that he was applied to be a Governance Saint. Unfortunately, fighting among the Snoss and Hochstadts made the Cardinals close down the chances of sainthood and Jock was fired to prevent more calamity. To make it up to him, King Charles Olave made Jock the Head General of the Viking Army, until the Defeat of the Viking Armada and was fired. Today, Later on, it was revealed the King Carlos Olave of the Viking Empire lied about his identity, for he was actually King Carlos Goberna of Castilla, and the Viking Empire immediately became part of Castilla and Jock moved to Toledo. Jock lives a happy life with his friends, ready for adventure.


Jock Hochstadt is the brother of Red River 2 and Fuut Ga, which makes him the uncle of Swiss Ninja, Clovis, and Fisch. When Fisch isn't able to lead, Jock Hochstadt is second in command of the Hochstadt Gang. Jock has lead missions like Gold for Thanksgiving and The Quest for Fisch.

The Great Snowzerland Wars[edit]

Jock Hochstadt was an important leader in both wars who represented his country. Like the rest of his fellow Vikings, Jock sided with Swiss Ninja's Army for the independance of the Viking Empire. As said before, Jock and his step-father sailed their armada into Lake Zurich for The Battle of Zurich. A USA plane was shot in the air, and crashed onto his step-father's ship, and his father and men died. Jock was devistated, and he had to quit the war because of this. However, Jock moved on. After the incedent, he didn't do a lot with Swiss Ninja anymore. He was already happy for his country's independance. In the second one, Jock Teamed up with Fisch to Defend the Dojo, and was also a time when he became enemies with Swiss Ninja. In the third, fourth and fifth, he just helped the gang out.

Snoss-Castillan War[edit]

In 2011, some time after the dissolution of the Viking Empire, Jock moved to Castilla, and became a loyal friend of King Carlos Goberna, who also happened to be the king of the former Viking Empire. In that same year, the Castillans waged war on the Snoss, and the Snoss waged war on the Castillans, creating the Snoss-Castillan War. Jock, as well as his nephew Clovis, his pet puffle Piper, and Leonardo di Tremezzo were given the ranks of General and led the Castillan Army during the battles.



  • Jock is a good friend of Corai, and visits Chi Con often.
  • Jock owns a Sword, a keysaber, and a Fruit Blaster.
  • Jock teams up with Fisch sometimes for archaeology missions.
  • He is the Second in Command of the Hochstadt Gang.
  • Piper is his pet Puffle.
  • After the fall of the Viking Empire, Jock had resigned from working in the Governance.
  • Since his actual grandfather was killed long ago, Jock's great grandfather tried to take that role as he tried to spend time with his grandson a lot during the summer as a very young chick.
  • Because he was recruited at a young age to be a Viking Soldier, Jock never went to college or university. Nevertheless, he has learned many useful things in the Viking Army, like leadership, strategies, and fighting. Now that he is in Castilla, Jock is considering about going back to school to get a degree so he can have a second decent job.
  • Rumor has it that he has a crush on Saraapril, a Club Penguin local who runs her own Company that gives information about the island. Jock denies this.
    • It is also noted that Jock has flirted with other girls and failed to win them over, but again, he denies this.
      • Some consider him to be a ladies man, which he also denies.
  • Jock is rather courteous and kind when he's NOT on the battlefield, unlike most Viking Warriors, but he is considerably brutal in battle.

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