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Joseph Ambrose
Joey Rudypoo.png
Oh my shorts! I just hate his face!
Title The Super Hurtful Bully
Gender Male
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V
Health Very unfit
Level 100 (In gaming); 0 (In real life)
Status Leading L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V
Location L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V Sun Temple
Birth date May 22, 1997 (1997-05-22) (age 22)
Occupation Leader of L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V
Catchphrase "Hi, I'm Joey Rudypoo and I'm here to tell you that you suck, you have no friends, you won't get anywhere in life, and you are a waste of space!"
Interests Hurting the feelings of others, gaming, eating, gaming, sleeping, gaming, bossing his members around, and gaming
Strengths Gaming, Insulting others
Weaknesses Exercise, Vegetables
Fears Exercise, Proper Diet
Friends All L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V members
Enemies All W.I.S.E.A.U members
Archetype Evil
Leader of L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V

Joey Rudypoo (hatched Joseph Ambrose; May 22nd, 1997) is a wannabe villain who constantly picks on and bullies all of his friends and random strangers on the street. He is most known for being the leader of the group L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V. He is also best friends with The Dark Plumber.


Joey hatched in Acadia on May 22nd, 1997. Since his hatching, his parents never got along. Everyday his parents would argue on everything. Diapers, Candy, Food, and later, when he was old enough to start school, they debated whether he should go to public or private school. His dad often won the arguments and would spoil Joey by buying him all the video games and food he wanted. At school, he started out with some friends. They would eat junk food and play Jokemon together. That was up until 6th grade when his friends turned on him after they realized how bossy, fat, and rude he was. They spread this around to the other penguins who would also torment him for this.

This torment would continue until 10th grade when he met The Dark Plumber. After reading comics, playing video games, and watching the news together, they realized that they might be natural born super-villains. Together, they recruited a bunch of other nerds, and afterwards, they dropped out of high school and formed L.O.U.I.S.X.I.V. Every member would choose their purpose and Joey made his purpose to emotionally tear down all who literally stand in his way. He goes up to random penguins, spouts his catchphrase, and insults them more before they roll their eyes and walk away. He also began bossing around his members and to this day still does.


Joey wears a t-shirt he got when he attended Music Jam '08 with his old friends. He wears it to recapture the days where he wasn't alienated by many. He also wears a mask to hide his identity so that the penguins he insults don't look for him and beat him up. He wears a black ski hat to improve the effect of the mask. He also carries around a tub of popcorn because he can't afford to not have any food with him.


Joey is very hyperactive and mean-spirited. He always picks on everyone around him besides his parents. He also is very introverted. He usually spends his time playing World of Weekeecraft and eating lots of junk food. He has a very serious temper too, especially when he loses in video games.


  • He owns a Pbox 360, a Pengstation, a Vii, and a gaming computer.
  • He often throws temper tantrums when he spills his popcorn in public.
  • He always gets enraged when others call him a "fat little twerp".
  • Ironically, his best friend is the guy he picks on the most.
  • He once spent the night at a McDoodle's.
    • He says it was a dream come true for him. (What a fat little twerp)
  • He has 2 PengTube channels.
    • One consists of him eating the newest thing off the menu at any fast food chain in a very slob-like way, usually those watching fear he's about to choke to death
      • His other PengTube channel consists of him trying to "roast" various other PengTubers, he even tried to roast his other channel. (What a desperate shmuck!)
  • He once tried to verbally beat-down a track runner. The track runner took his hat and ran away with it. This made Joey really crazy because the runner had already known his obvious weakness.

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